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13 yr old gets 27 pointer, 94 yr old gets 10, Stand location scent control

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13-yr-old kills 27-point TN buck!! 

But…is he ruined for life?? Hahaha! Huge congrats to 13-year-old Bo Ezell, who shot a 27-point absolute BRUTE in Benton County, Tennessee. Here’s the story from the TN DNR:

> Bo woke up Dec 28 wanting to go squirrel-hunting but couldn’t find his dog, so he was just hanging around the house when a friend called to ask if he “wanted to come shoot a buck that she just saw behind her house.”

> Bo took his time getting dressed and getting to the friend’s house not expecting to see the buck. Bo and the friend walked down to the creek when the she pointed out the deer. Bo looked over to see a buck that “looked like it had a big bush on his head.”

> The buck was peeing in a scrape as he fired. That’s when the buck looked directly at Bo. He says, “I got rattled and just started shaking.” [Ya think??] Bo ending up firing multiple times, hitting him 3 times.

The 6.5-yr-old incredo-deer had 27 scorable points [!!] and was green-scored at 213 7/8.

Bo says he’s been hunting since before he could tie his shoes and bagged his first doe at age 4. Way to go kid! Most of us go our whole lives and never even SEE a deer like that…even at a sports show lol!

Great grandma gets 10-pointer in tough weather. 

94-year-old Dorthea Praytor took this nice 10-point near Electra, TX on a trip with one of her sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons:

> …the weather was cold, windy and raining, and during the trip she was suffering from a hurt back and knee.

> “There’s grown men who I would have taken up there, and they would have wanted to go back to camp,” [guide JimmyLee] Caldwell said. “In that situation, that weekend, there was nothing easy about it, and I’m not kidding you, [she] never complained one time. She’s an exceptional lady.”

>” Age is just a number,” Caldwell said. “I really feel like Ol’ Mamaw, she don’t know what the word ‘can’t’ means.”

> Miss Dorothea: “When you’re out on the water or you’re out sitting, waiting for a deer to come along, you just think of all these things that God built, all this for us to enjoy. You just feel relaxed. If you’ve got any troubles, you can just kind of put them back.”

New WR has more points than an NBA game. 

Check out the likely World Record 320 5/8″ non-typ:

Not sure if a DEER has ever upstaged the GEAR at the ATA (Archery Trade Assn) Show, but this sure isn’t just any deer. North American Whitetail recap:

> After weeks of speculation, the official 60-day entry score for Luke Brewster’s epic IL non-typical bow-killed whitetail was announced today…at the 2019 ATA Show in Louisville. Those figures position the buck for world record status as both the top non-typical bow kill of all time and the top hunter-harvested whitetail of all time.

> While many deer suffer from the malady known as ground shrinkage, that has never been the case with the Brewster buck…. In fact, just the opposite has actually occurred….

> “The Brewster buck is an all-timer, period. Not just according to the tape measure, but by his majestic overall look. He’s huge and unique. The term ‘mega-giant’ is perhaps overused, but it totally fits this deer.

> “Part of what makes this so exciting is that the buck came from IL, a state many hunters had begun to think was washed up.

> “Details of panel-scoring haven’t yet been fully outlined, but we’re hopeful that happens soon. Both the Boone & Crockett Club and the Pope & Young Club have panel judging sessions set for later this year. It’s quite possible we’ll have final approved numbers this summer.”

For sure INCREDIBLE. And if you’re an IL hunter, get ready for a sea of orange heading your way next fall!

I think I want this blind…. 

American Hunter named their best gear of 2019 (already??) and one thing that stood out to me was Primos’ Double Bull SurroundView 360 Blind:

> “It works like a 2-way mirror — you can see out 360 degrees, but that deer or turkey will never know what lurks inside. …the first ‘blind without a blind spot’ …utilizes a see-through fabric to allow complete visual awareness without the need to open windows.”

So you can see out but critters can’t see you. Only drawback is it’s pricey…500 bucks.

Check this dash cam deer brawl!!! 

From the Cincinnati, OH suburbs. Obviously the 5-0 is a deer hunter:


1. WI: Crossbows = no impact…yet.

Lol! Not sure if crossbows are that deadly…. Anyhow, if you’re pro or anti, hasn’t been much data to support either side…til now. For 2014, WI approved crossbow use for anyone during the archery season. Some folks felt crossbows would encourage more people to hunt (potentially good), and antis felt they’d increase the harvest rate to unsustainable levels. Well…nope to both.

According to the WI DNR, over 2008-2013, the average annual archery harvest (vertical bows only) was 90,000 deer. When crossbows were allowed, from 2014 through 2017, the average harvest FELL slightly to 87,000 deer. The 2018 season is right at 82,000 deer.

> “…for the first time in 2017, actually, more animals were harvested with a crossbow than a vertical bow, just barely, and this year we’re not finished yet but that trend is running about 54% crossbow, 46% vertical bow….”

2. PA: Is corn killing deer??

Deer of all ages are apparently dropping dead in central PA. No one is sure why, but corn might be the cause:

> …deer have been found dead in their beds — curled up with no outward signs of injury or illness. In other cases, hunters have reported seeing deer stumbling, falling over and walking in circles.

> “These deer have no broken bones, no holes etc. — they are just sick and die shortly after, often curled up in their beds and not near water…mostly immature animals.

> “FYI this is NOT CWD [Chronic Wasting Disease] as that takes much longer to manifest than the actual age of these deer…. It also does not appear to be Blue Tongue as nothing physical matches the normal showings of EHD [Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease].”

The post says there’s speculation that it might be “rumen acidosis,” caused by ingesting too much grain/corn, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Also no word on whether the maze was just warin’ ’em out:

3. IL: This year you can wear blaze pink.Fave quotes from the article:

> …a professor and expert on the science of color at the U of WI…concluded that the right shades of pink could be even brighter to the human eye than blaze orange — and that deer would likely notice pink even less.

> “I don’t think that anyone’s going to take on getting their firearms certification, learning how to hunt, or spending hours in the cold in the woods just because they get to wear a certain color.”

Thankfully this is the only pic we could find of a man wearing blaze pink:

4. IL: Deer hunting = fewer car wrecks.

> From 2008 to 2016, deer-related crashes have declined in Champaign and Vermilion counties by more than 50%.

> IL uses deer-related crashes as a barometer to measure deer population trends. A 2008 task force called for 14%…with the statewide goal reached in 2012.

5. NY: Hunters work all night to save trapped buck.

Np pics but…how ’bout finding a stuck buck while you’re hunting, spending hours with a buddy to try to free it, giving up, then going back in the middle of the night and freezing cold, spending hours again and then finally getting ‘er done. #stout

6. OR: It’s now legal to eat roadkill deer.

And elk. But:

> People simply need to submit an application for a permit within 24 hours of salvaging the elk or deer with information on where and when it was found. Then they can dig right in, as long as they also return the antlers to the state’s wildlife agency.


7. AR: Deer hunters helping a young dude in need.

8-yr-old Jayce Collum, partially paralyzed in a truck accident, had his gear stolen, but the hunting community found out and his making it right:

> “It’s just amazing to see the love and out-support of somebody being able to show there is more good in the world than there is bad.”


8. OH: Poacher gets the max.

> Junior L. Troyer, 43, of Millersburg, was fined $27,000 in a Coshocton court for killing a trophy buck, and was stripped of his hunting license for 1 year. He will also be entered into the Wildlife Violator’s Compact, and most likely will lose hunting rights in 46 other states.

> …Troyer was found guilty of providing false information while game checking deer, attaching a game check number to a deer other than the deer it was issued to, taking more than one antlered deer in a license year, possessing deer or deer parts without an attached valid deer tag, and attaching an antlerless deer game check number to an antlered deer.

9. MN/WI: DNRs scrambling to contain CWD.

> CWD, now confirmed in 25 states and 2 provinces, is always fatal to cervids…. Studies show that once it infects more than one-third of the population, entire herds may be decimated.

> “I do believe that it is not a matter of if, but when, CWD crosses to humans,” Dr. Michael Osterholm told the News Tribune.

10. MS/TN: CWD continues marching south.

> The latest cases bring the total to 6 in MS…. Since the department found MS’s first case of CWD in Issaquena County in January 2018, Walsh said about 6,000 deer have been tested in-state.

> In TN, the numbers of confirmed and suspected cases are quickly rising. 10 deer were confirmed positive in Fayette and Hardeman counties last year. Three additional cases soon followed. Recently, TWRA announced samples from 140 deer were tested and 11 tested positive, bringing the total to 24 in those counties which border MS.

11. Savage dropping 40 new boomsticks…

…at the SHOT Show. We’ll be there! In the meantime:

> The company announced its XP scoped rifle series will see an expansion as well as improvements…. The 110 Apex XP will enter the series and will boast Vortex optics while the current AXIS XP will be revamped with a modernized stock.

> The AccuFit will now bless the 110 High Country…will offer a long-range setup for long-range shooters.

12. A little bow madness from the ATA Show.

In the market for a new arrow-slinger? OL has a solid recap of new bows for 2019. Some notable models:

> The [Matthews] Vertix is impressive. It has a very similar feel to the Triax but…even less vibration…and the Triax has virtually no vibration to begin with. So, yes, it was completely dead in the hand when shooting.

> At $1,199 [the aluminum Hoyt Helix is] not exactly a bargain bow, but it is $500 less than the RX-3. And since I was in a money-saving mood, the aluminum choice won out. This is a great bow and one I would not hesitate to take hunting.

> Are you ready for a shock? There’s a 2019 bow that costs less than $1,000, and it’s actually a pretty good bow. The Bear Divergent [pictured] lists for $699.99 and boasts IBO speeds of 338 fps.

Tip of the Week

#1 form of scent control: stand location.

LOVED this tip from Jeff Sturgis at Whitetail Habitat Solutions, part of his Top 5 Deer Hunting Myths vid. With all the scent products out there, people tend to think that’s the most important thing. Still important but:

Quote of the Week

“The honest-to-God truth is that my wife wants deer meat, and if I come home without any she’ll get really mad at me.”

– Uh…srsly? Even worse — that quote is from a guy caught by a MI conservation officer with an illegal deer. #manup

Mike Ditka found out and was like:

Shot of the Week

Not real sure what to say about this shot except…that’s the kind of party guest you want — brings his own propane! LOL! Great shot by @outdoorshooter:
What’s the DB and who does it??

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