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Banned from Tinder for buck shot! 1-man-band rattling, CWD mass hysteria 🙀

Today’s Top 4

Woman banned from dating app Tinder for buck photo. 

This shot:

Here’s the story:

> …a woman was banned from the platform for her profile photo, which included a dead deer, which she hunted and later used as food.

> When she reached out to Tinder to get a better idea of what happened, she says “they responded and said I had violated the terms of service and the community guidelines.”

> Not only was she permanently banned from the app, a user from San Francisco took his complaint one step further. “An individual had emailed my employer with screenshots of my profile saying some not nice things.”

Unreal. Sounds like Tinder backed down after the press called ’em on it but dang that’s ridiculous. #cityfolks

CWD hits mass media, called a “zombie” disease. 

Just took one quote to send it over the edge, covered in a prior DeerBlaster:

> “It is probable that human cases of chronic wasting disease associated with consumption with contaminated meat will be documented in the years ahead. It’s possible the number of human cases will be substantial, and will not be isolated events.”

Figures the mass media would only want to cover deer hunting when they can pair it with zombies. But that’s ridiculous, says Steven Rinella:

> …called the misrepresentation of the disease over the past week “one of the worst cases of clickbait appeal. It’s always unsettling when something like this catches on in the mainstream media and it gets grossly misrepresented, and it doesn’t take into account all the expertise that’s been applied to this.”

The CWD zombie-human connection is because lots of folks think CWD is caused by prions in brains, like Mad Cow Disease which did affect some people (check the graphic below). BUT…check out the next item.

CWD might not be caused by what people think? 

And could there be a vaccine? Check it:

> Members of one of PA’s largest hunting groups gathered to pledge money to help the iconoclastic research of Dr. Frank Bastian, a neuropathologist and animal scientist with Louisiana State University who claims to have discovered the real cause of chronic wasting disease.

> The accepted theory…is that malformed proteins produce particles called prions that cause brain diseases such as chronic wasting disease.

> But the prion explanation is simply wrong as a cause for chronic wasting disease…. The source of the disease that kills deer without fail is not prions but a super-tiny bacterium, according to Bastian.

> Bastian says that now that he has successfully grown the offending bacteria in a lab, he and other researchers can now develop a vaccine in the form of an antibiotic to treat, cure and prevent the disease in both captive deer and deer in the wild.

Wow! Here’s Dr. Bastian’s published study on it. So far PA and other state DNRs are rejecting his “theory,” but maybe everything should be in play til this is solved?

Would you save this cow…or shoot it? 

> The Lomira [WI] Police Dept…received a call about a wayward calf walking on the side of Interstate 41 at about 9:15 a.m. Sunday.

> Officers were surprised to find that the calf was actually a piebald whitetail deer.


1. AL: Man shot by hunter who thought he was a deer.

> Troy police tell news outlets that a 61-year-old man died after being shot once in the chest with a high-powered rifle on Saturday evening.

> An initial investigation shows that the victim was hunting with another man who mistakenly thought he was a deer and opened fire.

RIP hunting brother. Please be careful out there folks.

2. PA might allow Sunday hunting.

Just a bill for now, along with a proposal to start the deer season the Saturday after Thanksgiving instead of the Monday after. Hype for both is to get more people hunting….

3. MN Gov wants so spend big on CWD.

> Gov. Tim Walz put forward a funding package that would provide $4.57 million to tackle the spread of the disease in the next 2 years, and $1.1 million annual thereafter.

4. WV: Bill to lower buck limit to 2 fails.

> “OH has a 1-buck limit. KY has a 1-buck limit and PA has a 1-buck limit with antler restrictions. WV has 3 with no restrictions,” said Justin Covert of Putnam County who addressed the committee. “I’m going to spend $594 this year to hunt OH and KY for 1 deer from each state because of their better management. I know I can go there and hunt mature deer.”

5. MI: Baiting ban as of Jan 31 to prevent CWD.

6. WI considering shortening crossbow season.

7. AL: Arrest made in swimming buck shooting.

Covered in the last DeerBlaster — here’s a pic again, click it for the video:

8. MS harvests the most mature bucks…again.

> In QDMA’s Whitetail Report 2019, 77% of [MS’s] antlered deer harvested in the 2017-18 season were 3.5 years old or older. That put MS at the top of the list for the 4th consecutive year. AR hunters came in 2nd place at 74% and LA took 3rd place at 73%.

9. A little on Hornady’s GMX monometal bullets.

Love me some Hornady, always have. I’ve never tried non-lead monometal stuff, but we prolly all oughta try it out and see what our rifles can do with it. Looks like it might be the future, whether we want it that way or not. An American Hunter opinion:

> Hornady’s GMX (Gilding Metal eXpanding) is among the best monometals on the market…. Known for its deep penetration, good expansion and high weight retention, the GMX makes an excellent choice for the big-game hunter.

> Hornady’s Outfitter line features nickel-plated cases…and sealed primers and case mouths to keep things dry as a bone and perfectly clean to ensure smooth feeding.

> Lead-free (copper alloy) bullets will be longer than their lead-core counterparts of the same weight, so in order to maximize case capacity, Hornady has chosen bullet weights on the lighter side of the spectrum. However, the lighter weight doesn’t mean lesser performance.

> The red polymer tip offers consistent expansion and the bullet has been wonderfully accurate.

10. Germany: Dog shot hunter while driving…

…and the hunter lost his license FOR LIFE because of a loaded firearm in the vehicle.


Headline of the Week

The moment hunters shoot at French vegan animal rights protesters who stepped in front of stag to try and save it

Seems like it really happened. Guess you CAN be French AND vegan AND an animal right protester and…still get enough nutrition to live?? lol!

Tip of the Week

Rattle deer from up a tree?


> …helps shift a deer’s focus to sounds on the ground, not in your tree. For personal safety reasons, I would not recommend doing this from ground level.

> When I rattle, I want deer to believe 2 bucks are REALLY going at it hard. In reality, bucks generate a lot more sounds when they fight, not just the noise of two sets of antlers clanging together.

> Well before the hunt, I arrange a pile of dry materials beneath my stand: dry sticks, dead leafy limbs, brittle sticks and anything that will create noise. I place a log or tree limb on top of the pile and tie a length of duck decoy line to it, with the other end leading to my stand.

> When I start my rattling sequence, I use my grunt call and occasionally yank on the string. The log makes a ton of noise on top of the brush pile, creating a much more realistic presentation than a lone set of antlers.
Kinda like this?

Lol…kidding! Tip makes sense…but seems like a lot of movement if a buck is close….

Quote of the Week

“…female passenger…said she and her boyfriend were teaching her son how to drive while they were drinking and shooting feral hogs off the road.”
– From a TX game warden report. Post also said “a small bag of methamphetamine” was found. Can’t make this stuff up….

Shot of the Week published a bunch of shots of adults and kids with their deer from last season — here’s 4 that should tell the story of why we do what we do. Great job kids and parents! #stout

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