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Big buck in bad spot, Nice 10-point velvet, When to take does, PeeFuser!

Today’s Top 5

Low-chance spot gets high-scoring buck!

KY bowhunter Brad VanderEspt hunts a small property on the edge of the ‘burbs. Before the season he put out 2 trailcams — 1 around great habitat, and another where it was just marginal. He tells Buckmasters that mid-Nov he decided to check that 2nd camera’s card and saw a brute:

> Brad had set up a ground blind there in Sept, never expecting to spend much time in it. It wound up as his primary spot.

> [The next afternoon in his blind] he heard a deer grunting to his left, downwind. The vocal buck was an 8-pointer, which ignored the breeze and went straight to the corn.

> As it fed, a second buck grunted. It too was an 8-pointer. The two 4x4s left together. 30 minutes later, yet another grunting buck, a 6-pointer, came and went.

> “I could see the body of a deer and then a flash of antler in the thick stuff about 25 or 30 yards away. I’m thinking, It’s one of the bucks I’ve already seen, coming back.”

> He was wrong. The buck came to the corn. Brad remembers a strand of saliva leaking from its mouth. He remembers having the [stones] to wait for the perfect angle, even though the deer was RIGHT THERE and completely unawares.

BTR scored 199 3/8″ — impressive! Sometimes the big ones ain’t where we think they should be, especially when they’re like:

Real nice velvet 10-pt typ taken by SC saddle hunter.

What a stud! Taken by Tyler Pearson in the velvet capital of SC. Tyler posted about it on FB:

> The good Lord was looking out for me yesterday afternoon. I shot this majestic 10-point off a piece of property in town I’ve been hunting for 6 years.

> I wasn’t running any cameras yet so I had no idea he was in the area. He came in early and offered me a 25-yard shot as I was hangin in my Tethrd Saddle.

> He donkey-kicked when the arrow hit and ran off. 150 yards later he piled up. Couldn’t ask for a better way to start my 2020 season!

We couldn’t either, nice one!

Whitetail Frenzy’s Kenny Davis tags a good-lookin’ 9!

Dude’s a wall-hanger! Lotsa character — starting to lose his velvet on a couple tines. Looking forward to seeing that hunt video on Whitetail Frenzy.

Spread the stank with the PeeFuser!

Gotta shout this one out just for the “PeeFuser” name lol! For all y’all who swear by Tink’s #69 and want a better way to spread that doe-in-estrus scent — now urine luck hahaha! Just hang it and get ready to fight off the bucks, Buckmasters says:

> …diffuses scent into the wind for 30 seconds every 2 minutes, drawing your target buck close. Plus, Tink’s new Buck Pucks provide a no-mess option to hang potent scent from a tree limb that lasts more than one week for multiple sits.

Not sure if you sit upwind of this or downwind?


10-yr-old tags a 500-lb hog with her x-bow!

Obviously not a deer but a pretty great and funny story about TN’s Alex C who shot this huge sow last month. Turns out Alex is stone-cold shooter who took 1 buck and 3 does last fall:

> Cottrell hit the hog with 2 arrows, 1 being non-lethal and the other being the kill shot. She said the first shot was all her dad’s fault because he guessed at the yardage at which it was standing. [Lol!]

> The 1st shot was enough to slow [the hog] down. Cottrell then cocked the crossbow and loaded a 2nd arrow, and this time she made her dad use the bone collector rangefinder and the hog was at 22 yards. [Called out, dad!]

> This shot was just behind the left shoulder, the hog ran down the mountain squealing leaving a foot wide blood trail.

> It took 4 grown men…to load the hog into the back of the Kubota…. As always, she thanked the animal for the sacrifice and the hunt. She also thanked God and thanked Swhacker…the name of the only broadhead she uses.

How great is that!


1. DC: Interior/USFWS adds 2.3 mil acres for hunting/fishing.

> …the single largest expansion of hunting and fishing opportunities in US Fish and Wildlife Service history.

2. FL adopts anti-hunter-harassment law.

Good to hear:

> …protections for sportsmen from harassment on all lawful FL public fishing and hunting lands, including federal property.

3. WI has seen a big spike in license sales.

Fishing up 14%, turkey up 10%, expect the same for deer?

4. CO offering refunds to hunters affected by wildfires.

> …may be able to request a refund and reinstatement of preference points used to draw the license. Additionally, CPW is offering an extra point on top.

5. CA warns hunters about fraud license sellers.

> Several unauthorized online websites charge customers extra fees for online fishing and hunting license purchases, and may be collecting sensitive personal information….

6. OH: New hunt/fish mobile app.

> …purchase their hunting and fishing licenses on their phones…access the Division of Wildlife’s online system to check harvested whitetail deer…while out in the field, even without a wifi connection.

> Other features include a map which allows users to view wildlife areas, shooting ranges, boat ramps and license agents.

7. UT giving away venison to hungry folks.

> The meat comes from animals that have been euthanized to help reduce conflicts with ranchers and farmers in rural areas.

8. Whitetails Unlimited awarded more than $1.8 mil in grants.

Over 1,600 groups/orgs.

9. P&Y has a new youth program.

Good way to get more kids involved, raffling off some sweet hunts too.

10. Jon Lene new GM of Bear Archery.

Was VP of sales for Arcus Hunting.

11. Important 2A stuff.

Facebook is censoring patriot groups. Word in the industry is ALL social media have been treating firearms info, posts and advertising unfavorably for years.

What to do/not do if protestors approach you — good info/perspective.

Breakdown of Kamala Harris’ firearms track record.

Vote no matter what! Great reminder from this post:

> “…while the race for the White House is important, down-ballot races are in many cases equally so. I live in VA where voter turnout in the elections last year — especially among gun owners — was way down and the result is a state legislature hell-bent on gun control….”

Deer Disease News

1. MN switches to voluntary testing in CWD zones.

Due to Covid concerns.2. CO study says hunting helps suppress CWD.

> “Hunting is a tool we already use to manage our deer and elk herds statewide, and these results show that we can adapt the use of hunting for CWD suppression as well.”

3. TN asks hunters to take more CWD zone deer.

They’ll give you a replacement tag if your buck comes back CWD-poz. Sounds like you can also use firearms in the CWD zone:

> You can now use firearms, muzzleloaders, and archery equipment during the Aug 28-30 hunt in Unit CWD!

4. OnX offers CWD tracking on maps.


> When the nationwide layer is activated, it highlights in red each county where the disease has been confirmed. Tapping or clicking inside any affected county will pull up the QDMA’s CWD web page for additional information.

5. SK wants more deer heads tested for CWD this year.

6. Good primer on EHD.

Great info, Dr. James Kroll busts a couple myths too.

New Stuff

1. Maven now has custom scope colors.

Start by selecting the frame. Then select the colors of your rings, turrets, zoom, frame and base. Some add a little to the cost of the finished scope. Pick 1 of 3 reticles, and even add engraving for an extra $30.

2. Muzzy intros first mechanical broadhead.


> The head’s acute blade angle and classic Muzzy trocar tip smash through bone and slice flesh…. Its tapered ferrule and concealed blade system combine to produce a low-profile inflight diameter of just .75″.

3. Buck’s new Pursuit Pro series has upgraded steel!

> Buck’s S35VN steel provides the same edge retention as S30V steel but its properties allow it to resharpen easier, making it a great choice for skinning multiple animals with the option of field sharpening when necessary.

4. Mathews Engage Limb Legs: worth it? calls ’em “tough, solid and simple to use.” Only for Mathews bows:

5. Trick out your Thompson/Center with Anarchy accessories.

A threaded bolt handle and a picatinny scope base with bubble level:

6. Keep your tail warm with Mossy Oak Ignite.

> Simply connect an external battery pack to the cushion and have instant heat available for those brisk, cold mornings.

Gear of the Week

Check out the new Savage MSR 10 Overwatch.

Savage has a pretty nice-lookin’ hunting rifle based on the AR-10 platform. Some guys/gals just prefer the AR ergonomics for hunting and that’s just fine with us. Shooting Illustrated put the gun through its paces:

> Its forged receiver set is composed of 7075-T6 aluminum and is a custom design to accommodate .308 Win-size cartridges while being as compact as an AR-15 as possible. In this sample, the chambering is 6.5 Creedmoor.

> The upper receiver has a flattop rail, and that rail is continued along the length of the freefloat handguard. This allows optics and iron sights — as well as extra sighting systems, such as NVDs or thermal optics — room to be mounted.

> Conveniently, a gap in the top rail near the muzzle is present on the handguard, for access to the adjustable gas system. You can re-tune the system if/when you install a suppressor, to avoid gas blowback and over-driving the system.

> The carbon-steel barrel is given a button-rifled bore of 5R configuration, and then treated via the Melonite QPQ process, which produces a hard, corrosion-resistant surface. It ships with a muzzle brake installed on the threaded muzzle.

> The muzzle brake proved too effective in testing. Offhand, it drove the scope down off of the target. From the bench, it required re-positioning the rifle after each shot. However, muzzle brakes are easily replaced or experimented on.

MSRP is $1,399….

Tip of the Week

When’s the best time to shoot does?

When you’re hungry lol. Seriously: Lotta guys are pretty set in waiting to shoot does til late season. Some of my (Ted) buds say they don’t want to disturb their sets and make their target bucks suspicious — I get that. But my 2c is if you can take a doe away from your prime spots, why not? Especially if I’m runnin’ low on backstrap!

Dave Maas from Whitetail Journal:

> Not only are there fewer whitetails walking around by Dec, but those that have survived several weeks of hunting pressure are smarter or at least nocturnal….

> Like most deer hunters, I’m not interested in filling an antlerless deer tag during the whitetail rut. I’m dreaming of mature bucks during the rut, and any doe I see gets a free pass because I’m hoping a 30-pointer is on her tail. This means the early season is prime time for me to fill doe tags.

> Through the years I’ve learned that shooting a doe from a stand doesn’t necessarily mean the evening is ruined for a buck.

> Even if an arrow-hit doe flees back into the forest, a buck on his way to the field might think she was simply spooked off the field by a passing vehicle, farmer’s tractor, etc. He’ll probably be more cautious, and might show up a few minutes later than normal, but chances are good he’ll still appear during legal shooting light.

> Another advantage to filling antlerless deer tags early is it’s easy to distinguish a mature doe from her fawns.

> As I see it, the only downside to filling antlerless deer tags early is the heat. With mid-Sept daytime temperatures in the 70s and even 80s in WI, and nighttime lows in the 60s, there’s no waiting for morning to track and recover a deer that was hit poorly.

Makes sense. Definitely a smart idea to field-dress ’em quick. I even buy a couple bags of ice to put in the body cavity for my ride home.

Quote of the Week

“I need to make sure Covid hasn’t made my hunting apparel too tight. Did you know Covid causes clothing to shrink on average 2 sizes?”

Bill Howard of the Florence, SC Morning News talkin’. We were wonderin’ about that lol!

Shot of the Week

Caption from @LasCuevasRanch says it all: “Make way boys, the boss is coming.” Don’t know about you, but I’d be happy with one of the boss’s posse!
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