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Giant from a no-look lease! Early season myths? X-bow max range

Today’s Top 5

Sight-unseen KS lease >> 200-incher!

Would you bid on 700 acres of hunting land nearly 450 miles away you’d never laid eyes on? LA’s Harold Jones did — won an online auction. Turns out it was a smart move! The lowdown from Buckmasters:

> Most of the acreage was in soybeans and pasture, half a mile north of a major river. Only about 100 acres were timbered, and a creek dissected the block. In theory, it was the perfect habitat for farm-country whitetails.

> Bow season was already underway when the 4 guys visited the property in mid-Oct, the first time any of them had set foot on it. Impressed with the plentiful sign…they put up several treestands.

> Hip surgery grounded Harold when he returned to KS in Nov. He and his son erected a blind beside the very tree Brandon climbed to shoot his deer in Oct. It’s a good spot, and they saw several bucks.

> “Between 7 and 8 am I passed on an 11-pointer that would have scored about 150 inches and a 130-inch 9-pointer because my son kept saying, ‘Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot.’ If we’d been at home in LA, I’d have taken either buck in a heartbeat and been very happy.”

About an hour later, Harold put an arrow into that beast — they’d named it “Triple Towers.” By the time they found his deer, the ‘yotes had torn up his trophy pretty good, but thankfully the 200+ rack was still in great shape.

AL father-daughter team tags 2 trophies in 2 weeks!

Cool story about Johnnie Cochran and his daughter Cheyenne. Facebook’s @alabamahunt page says Johnnie has been a AL record book scorer for 22 years, and Cheyenne is a diehard hunter and part-time scorer as well:

> The pair was hunting in Lamar County last season when the stars aligned unlike any year before. On Nov 29, Cheyenne took her 13-point buck that scored a whopping 165 3/8″ as a typical 6×5. The buck easily topped the minimum 150″ score and placed Cheyenne in the AL Whitetail Records alongside her dad!

> …Johnnie was hunting just 2 weeks late…when a huge 8-point stepped out…scored 159″ and became the 2nd record-book buck for the father and daughter duo in 1 season….

Big congrats to both of ’em, and extra credit for Johnnie for raisin’ her right! [fist emoji]

How far can you really shoot your X-bow?

X-bows have some serious speed and accuracy, but does that mean you can take shots from rifle-like ranges? Not really. TenPoint x-bows breaks things down and explains why long shots are discouraged:

> Despite the recent advancements to hunting crossbows, attempting a shot at an animal greater than 50 yards is still a bad idea.

> The further you are from an animal, the less chance you could see an obstruction that your arrow could strike on the way, possibly resulting in a bad hit, a wounded animal or a failed recovery.

> It’s true that shooting a crossbow arrow faster helps to flatten the arrow’s trajectory, but this advantage only holds out to about 50 yards.

> For example, a 400 grain arrow that travels at 400 fps from a crossbow will drop 93″ — that’s over 7′ — to hit a target at 100 yards.

> Also, the angle of entry of your arrow increases significantly past 50 yards, which can affect the orientation of the wound channel created by your broadhead, possibly missing the animal’s vital organs.

> Some arrows can lose up to 15% of their speed and 25% of their kinetic-energy levels by the time they have reached just 50 yards.

> Two other factors to consider are wind drift and the animal jumping the string.

Props to TenPoint for the info. Lotta times folks want tools to be more than they are and anyhow a big part of the fun of bowhunting is lettin’ em come in close!

More trailcam velvet madness!

WE…ARE…READY to get after ’em!! How ’bout you? So let’s check in on some more velvetheads!

Clockwise from the top L:

1. “Just” a dinky ol’ 8-point lol — on the always good @ midwest_whitetails_1 Insta.

2. Absolute STUD posted on the @bigandj ‘Gram, from OH hunter Dustin Vance. His recipe for success:

> “I make 3 or 4 piles so the bucks aren’t pushing each other or bumping racks to get to the Big & J. I don’t drive any equipment near my spot. I carry everything.”

3. Not much in the description about this deer, other than he’s a freaking GIANT! @gamecamadventures posted it.

4. Bucks on parade! Actually a screencap from a @bowmarbowhunting video that’s worth a watch. Sweet shot.

Here’s a visual reminder on shot placement.

Drop that deer fast this fall! Thanks to @bowhunting.360 for featuring these illustrations by @ryankirbyart. First shot is heart/lung vitals, then the rest of the organs, then the skeleton, and finally the deer on the hoof.

A lot of times we all know a deer won’t give you a nice, fat broadside, so that’s when it’s important to visualize the entry/exit point before you touch that release.


1. DC: President Trump signed Great American Outdoors Act.

> Addresses the long ignored, multi-billion-dollar deferred maintenance backlog at our great national parks and public lands and permanently and fully invests in conservation and recreation opportunities through the Land and Water Conservation Fund to the tune of $900 million a year forever.

2. P&Y says cellular trailcams are not fair chase.

> Receiving a wireless image (photo, video, GPS coordinate, etc.), which elicits an immediate (real-time) response, guiding the hunter to the animal would be considered a violation of the Rules of Fair Chase.

3. Drurys say goodbye to PSE, hello to Mathews.

> Matt Drury: “To make a long story short, basically, [PSE] emailed us and informed us that they let us go. They weren’t continuing on past our current contract with Bow Madness.”

4. CA: What the heck’s going on??

Bill AB-3030 seeks to “…by 2030 to protect at least 30% of the state’s land areas and waters; to help advance the protection of 30% of the nation’s oceans; and to support regional, national, and international efforts to protect at least 30% of the world’s land areas and waters and 30% of the world’s ocean.”

Bass Pro Shops says the bill is anti-fishing and anti-hunting.

This post says it’s being driven by the United Nations??

> The United Nations and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) announced earlier this year that the planet will need to be at least 30% protected by 2030 to avoid environmental collapse and to repair ecosystems across the world. If passed, CA would become the first state to have the guidelines up for consideration and possible implementation.

Plus another CA bill wants to ban possession of African trophy mounts — even though Africans don’t — and…there’s also another REAL disturbing CA senate bill — nothing to do with fishing, SB 145 if you’re curious, look beyond the official narrative. Scary stuff….

5. Wuhan virus should mean more hunting.

TN expecting big deer season.

Kind of a heads up to public land hunters:

> “If they’ve ever hunted before, odds are they’ll be back. If they’ve hunted and just haven’t been back in awhile they may come back, and we’re hoping we’ll be able to introduce some people to deer hunting for the first time.”

OK: Might be a long wait at deer processors…

…which is why a butcher built a new shop to handle deer.

ME expects record number of deer permits.

6. WI changes its mind, increases doe permits.

> …reversed course and increased antlerless deer permits in 3 northern WI counties and rearranged the proportion of public and private land tags in another. …sustained its controversial June 24 decision to reduce or eliminate doe tags in 7 other counties.

> “When it comes to big game, you can’t please everybody. I think this is a good compromise.”

7. WV decides to leave 3 buck limit the same.

Was talking about reducing it:

> …out of more than 1,100 public comments, all but 72 favored the lower limit. He said biologists told him a lower limit wouldn’t harm the state’s whitetail population.

> …how a lower limit would affect the agency’s revenue stream since it relies largely on money from hunting license sales to pay for its annual budget. McDaniel estimated revenue loss at $800,000 over a 3-year span.

8. RI deer permits on sale now.

9. Cool-sounding youth-mentor hunting contest.

Multiple states….

10. S&W spins off outdoor products into new company.

Here’s all the brands in 1 place:

> Upon consummation of the spin-off, the 2 companies will consist of: Smith & Wesson Brands Inc., which will include the firearms business; and American Outdoor Brands Inc., which will include the outdoor products and accessories business.

> Smith & Wesson Brands will continue to be listed on NASDAQ under the symbol “SWBI.” American Outdoor Brands has received approval for the listing of its common stock on NASDAQ under the symbol “AOUT.”

11. Alec Wyman new marketing manager for Bear Archery.

Was the director of sales marketing for Hennessey Performance.

12. Jeff Covert new VP of sales at Evolution Outdoors.

Evolution = Evolution Hunting, Evolution Fishing, Evolution Tactical, Flambeau Soft Tackle bags.

13. Lee Colquitt new VP sales of Benelli USA.

14. Scott Lester new marketing director for Davidson’s.

Was executive VP of sales at Compass Marketing.

15. Rear-facing front LED lights = fewer deer collisions?

What it looks like ^ — go figure, more light = more deer freezing instead of running:

> …the use of a rear-facing LED light bar — which illuminates a larger portion of the vehicle’s front surface than standard headlights alone resulted in fewer dangerous deer-vehicle interactions. The likelihood of dangerous interactions decreased from 35% to only 10%….

16. Buck 620 Reaper 57% off!

Made in the USA, full tang, 6 3/4″ blade, and the famous Buck Forever Warranty — what’s not to love about that deal??

Deer Disease News

1. CA: AHD confirmed in 5 counties.

Adenovirus hemorrhagic disease:

> …has been reported in Santa Clara, Sonoma, Napa, Tehama and Yolo counties….

> …a rare but persistent illness that causes painful sores and swelling in the gastrointestinal tract, leading to internal bleeding and organ failure

New Stuff

1. 2 new Vortex Diamondback HD spotters.

> …HD optical system that delivers crisp resolution, brighter images and edge-to-edge sharpness, reducing eye strain during long glassing sessions.

2. New Halo rangefinders are out.

> Each rangefinder features 6x magnification and premium glass, providing a crystal-clear view for rapid target acquisition and consistent ranging.

3. Hawke Frontier binos now have apochromatic lenses.

> …unbelievable level of clarity with apochromatic lenses and H7 optics for unsurpassed light transfer….

4. First Lite invented zip-off longjohns?

> Taking baselayers off on the hill or before climbing the ladder involves taking off boots, dancing out of pants, shedding longjohns and then replacing the pants and shoes. First Lite’s new Zip Off Long Johns solves this problem by allowing the mountain or hardwoods hunter to shed base layers without consternation.

5. New ScentLok 20% lighter early-season camo.

6. Hunter Safety Systems budget harness.

> Simple by design yet comfortable and extremely rugged, the Shadow is a great harness at an incredible value, priced at just $49.99.

7. ScentCrusher Halo Ozone Generator.

Cord-free, lasts 4 hours with the rechargeable battery.

8. TrueTimber has camo facemasks.

Gear of the Week

CVA Cascade sounds like a good budget boltie.

CVA has a pretty good rep as a solid muzzleloading builder, and recently jumped into the bolt-action biz with the Cascade rifle. Here’s a review of one chambered in 6.5 Creed from the guys at PewPew Tactical (love that name!):

> A beer-budget rifle that shoots way outside of its price range, I have been impressed with the Cascade on almost every level.

> Coming in at under 7 lbs, every Cascade comes standard with a 70 degree tri-lug bolt, a threaded muzzle, flush magazine, adjustable length of pull, dual swivel studs, a lifetime warranty and an MOA guarantee.

> Something they don’t tell about is the freaking amazing trigger these come with! It’s a little heavy at about 3.5 lbs, but it is the absolute most-crisp trigger I’ve ever had on a factory hunting rifle. Zero take up, zero creep, just a clean sharp break.

> Due to the Cerakoting, it felt like the bolt was sticking a bit when cycling. After being worked back and forth for a while it seemed to work though that issue and started to run smooth. I wouldn’t call it butter-smooth like a Tikka, but it didn’t bind and didn’t take a lot of effort to run….

> The CVA Cascade is a high-value rifle. Punching way outside of its price point, this rifle simply delivers. While the cosmetic QC could have been better, the functional parts are well-engineered and amazingly executed. I highly recommend the Cascade for a true working or hunting rifle.

Tip of the Week

Forget about these early-season deer-hunting myths.

OL’s Tony Hansen ticks off 7 seven nopes about the early-season hunt — here’s a few of ’em:

> Mornings are a waste? — Avoid deer that are likely feeding in ag fields and primary food sources in the pre-dawn darkness and you could have a pretty good morning of activity. Hang a stand on a travel route that takes those deer back to their bedding areas, and access that stand from a route that avoids bumping them.

> Early-season scrapes are only hit at night? — The fact of the matter is…plenty of scraping activity after dark all season long. And there is plenty of daylight activity all season as well.

> Calling doesn’t work? — Typically fawn bleats and light grunts are the most effective. This isn’t the time to blind-call and hope something shows up. Call to any bucks you see and want to bring into range.

> Deer won’t feed on beans that are turning yellow? — More likely, deer will continue to frequent those yellowing fields and will simply seek out the plants that are still green. [That’s a head-slapper!]

> You shouldn’t be too aggressive? — Early-season deer are fun to hunt because of their predictability. They tend to visit the same food sources along the same travel routes unless they’re disturbed. But they won’t keep doing that forever, and every day you spend watching those bucks move along out of range is a day wasted.

So…if you’re hunting the early season and you’re not seeing much, why not change it up?

Quote of the Week

“That turns what would historically be a fun hunt 90 minutes from home into an out-of-state hunt in terms of regulations and post-kill work.”

Aaron, a MN deer hunter talkin’ ’bout the fact that hunting an in-state CWD area changes a hunt because of all the processing and disposal work a hunter has to do to take the meat and cape home. From a National Deer Alliance survey about hunting areas known to be infected with CWD.

Shot of the Week

Lookie what I (Ted) captured on my trailcam — a dark and good-lookin’ 9-point! “Melanistic” deer are supposed to be the rarest color — I’m up for it!

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