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Hall of Famer buck and sheds! Budget x-bow, Deer licks better pics

Gonna keep gettin’ ya stoked for the season with this one! Lotta big bone!!
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Today’s Top 5

That time Hall of Famer Jim Thome tagged a P&Y.

Baseball’s back so let’s take a quick look at a MLB record-book deer. Infielder/DH Jim Thome retired in 2012 and bein’ the deer nut he is bought some land in western IL and got to managing it for trophy whitetail: food plots, water sources, good bedding cover – deer paradise! That’s when the bigguns started showing up on his trailcams, NA Whitetail says, but 1 buck in particular was…wow:

> “All bucks look huge in velvet, but this buck blew everything else away.”

> Aside from its sheer size, the rack’s most impressive trait was that it appeared to be a totally clean 6×6 typical. Even though the buck looked to be a 4.5 or 5.5 yrs old, there were no apparent stickers or other non-typical points.

> A strategy started to develop. …Jim decided no one would go into the area the buck seemed to call home. The last thing the hunter wanted to do was bump the buck and alert him to the fact someone would be hunting him.

> When Oct 1’s bow opener finally arrived, Jim waited until the afternoon to sneak into a box blind on an alfalfa food plot where he’d captured his first trailcam photo of the buck. Right away, he ran into other deer already feeding.

> After a few minutes, Jim happened to look toward the opposite side of the field…and there stood the giant 6×6!

> After ranging the deer at 34 yards, Jim came to full draw and grunted. The carbon shaft hit slightly behind the shoulder and passed through the deer.

> This whitetail is both huge and exceptionally balanced. He has main beams of over 29″, G-3 tines exceeding 12 and a total of over 37″ in the 8 circumference measurements.

Jim’s deer gross scored 196 7/8, and netted out at 193 2/8, which puts him in the top 15 all time P&Y typs. Home run lol!

Check out these world record sheds!

Didn’t even know there’s a shed-scoring authority? But lovin’ it, and the NA Shed Hunters Club — cant link it but it’s at — ranks antlers in pretty much every conceivable way. Here’s a few:

Clockwise from top L:

1. World record 4×4, named “Big John” and held by Mike Charowhas.

2. The “MN Monarch,” measures 310 5/8!!! What a toad!

3. The “Pop Can” antler — diameter of 11 1/8″! Insane!

4. “The General” is a 195 1/8 typ matched set found in NE in 1959.

Cool site, check it out if sheds are your thing…or you can’t get enough of looking at amazing horns lol!

‘Nother roundup of growin’ bone!

Oh man, it’s happenin’! Here’s a few more candidates caught on trailcams — clockwise from top L:

1. Good lookin’ NE 10pt with a big ol’ Roman nose, taken by @gardner3305 and shared by @midwest_whitetails_1.

2. Getta loada this big dude — from MA! (not exactly known as a big deer hotbed) — posted by @southshore_hunter and shared by @sportsmanchannel.

3. Looks like Rocky Raccoon is making 2 dudes wait their turn at the trough. Thanks to @moultrieproducts and @grandslamoutdoors for the dope shot.

4. Deer’s got a whole lotta weirdness going on, but we kinda like him! Hat tip to @gamecamadventures.

If you’ve got a pic of a good velvet deer, OutdoorHub has a Fuzz Buzz 2020 contest goin’ on. Great idea — 11 prize packages.

Here’s one of the biggest-ever deadheads…

…taken by EHD unfortunately:

Nice buck for sure but EHD season is also comin’. If you’re not familiar with it, Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease is caused by midges = small flying bugs. If infected midges bite a deer, the deer can develop high fever, internal bleeding, sluggishness, difficulty breathing, and loss of appetite. Then it typically looks for a water source where it dies. 🙁

That’s what happened with this ginormous KS deer — Buckmasters with the deets:

> …the skull and 55-point rack weigh almost nothing, having never reached the dense hard-antler state.

> An official BTR score of 315 makes it the largest free-ranging buck ever recorded from KS, 5th-largest in the world, and it’s #3 among the world’s biggest pickups…. Its composite score (with the inside spread) is 330 7/8″.

> The rack’s most outstanding feature, other than its 55 scoreable points, is its mass: 67 4/8″ in circumference measurements. That’s nearly 30 more than the Hole in the Horn Buck carries.

Amazing deer!!!

Deer licks for better pics.

We’re rhymin’ now lol! Anyhow we all know it can be tough to get deer to be still long enough for a good trailcam pic. Nick Simonson from the Wahpeton (ND) Daily News says the solution is to put out some licks:

> …creating an area on the ground by clearing out grass and turning up a bit of dirt is ideal for spreading salt and other mineral powders.

> Smaller areas allow for the use of rocks and blocks that can be simply placed on the ground or on a tree stump, but note that these items can be easily knocked around and may have to be checked from time to time.

> Licks should be near a frequently-used deer trail, where animals are moving on a regular basis. Licks can be placed against structures near the trail such as the dirt around trees and tree stumps, or even adjacent to larger boulders on the ground.

> A backdrop of brambles makes this task a bit harder, so having an open field or other more uniform scene behind the lick will help create a clearer picture of the herd members in a hunting area. Consider sun angle for the camera as well when setting up the site.

> When pulling photos from cameras, remember to pack some supplemental salt, gel or an extra rock to freshen an area up.

Of course make sure that putting out attractants is legal in your state/area.

This type of attractant ain’t guaranteed to work in all cases lol:


1. PA votes “no” on a minimum caliber requirement and e-bikes.

> …instead pursue educational efforts on the selection of proper ammunition for big game and on proper shot placement.

> [The commission feared] allowing e-bikes would be the start of efforts by others to gain authorization for other forms of motorized travel on game lands.

2. WI may reconsider deer permit cuts.

> The board [originally] reduced by 50% the number of antlerless permits in 8 counties, reduced them to zero in portions of 2 counties, and rearranged the balance of public/private tags in 1 county.

> Overall, the board cut 5,650 public land antlerless permits and 500 private land antlerless permits in the counties.

3. P&Y says velvets can now be WRs.

> Effective immediately, velvet antlered animals will be treated exactly like all other animals accepted into the Records Program. Additionally, and most importantly, velvet-antlered animals will now be eligible for World Record status within their respective velvet category.

4. WY: Resident license numbers way up.

Prolly due to Covid. Hearing similar stories in other states.

5. TX: First drawn hunts are Aug 1 so apply asap!

6. IA antlerless tags on sale now.

7. OK hunting regs now online.

8. ME hunters can apply for deer permits now.

> Biologists have proposed a record of nearly 110,000 “any deer” permits…applications are due by Aug 17.

9. NE hunters can buy permits soon.

10. NY offering deer management plan for landowners.

> Helps to address crop damage and forest regeneration problems, and to conduct custom deer management.

11. NM offering “dispersed” camping opportunities for hunters.

> This is the first time in decades that dispersed camping and backpacking have been permitted on state trust land.

12. “Public Land Hunter” mag now on sale.

Game & Fish Mag publication….

13. DC: Great American Outdoors Act passed.

Should be more hunting/fishing opportunities and access. Just waiting on the President’s signature….

14. Huntstand app now allows you to change an object’s colors.

15. AK: Pebble Mine “likely” to get green light.

Supposed to be in a good hunt/fish area, mine has been opposed for years but:

> Geologists say [it’s] the world’s largest untapped resource of gold and copper, and estimated its worth at $500 billion.

16. We lost gun writer Jeff Quinn of

Here’s a great tribute to him by his friend Jim Shepherd of the Outdoor Wire.

17. Joe Ferronato new assoc editor of Petersen’s Hunting.

Was at MeatEater.

18. Debt forces Remington into Chapter 11.

Seems like the investment company that bought ’em loaded them up with debt?

19. Leica is looking for a sales mgr.

Deer Disease News

1. PA rolls out new CWD plan.

> …right now, the best available science suggests that the only practical way to reach those dual goals and address CWD on the landscape is by reducing deer abundance.

2. MS: CWD feeding radius won’t change.

> “There’s no new science that suggests the radius should be shrunk from 25 miles to 10 miles, relative to supplemental feeding. Our recommendation was not to change anything from the existing plan.”

New Stuff

1. Check out the GPO Passion 6-24x50mm riflescope.

> Utilizes a high 4x magnification range for effective long-range shooting and a large double HD objective lens for improved operation in low-light hunting environments.

2. Keep it simple with the Switch Cam Lightsout.

> This dummy-proof trail camera is so easy to set up, even first-time hunters and kids can figure it out.

It’s not the kids you have to worry about, it’s the old guys lol:

3. Trufire Thrufire hybrid arrow release is interesting.

> An index finger-actuated release aid, whose hidden trigger system nearly eliminates the user’s ability to punch the release. Without cleanly pulling through the shot, the release will not activate. The result is a full surprise release with greater accuracy and consistency down range.

4. Check out Buck’s new Pursuit Series hunting knives.

Lookin’ nice!

> With glass-filled nylon/Versaflex handles, you will have a sure grip in all conditions. Each knife includes a heavy-duty polyester sheath.

5. Heater Body Suit designed for extreme cold.

> The Polyester Tricot camouflage cloth is whisper quiet and filled with 300 grams of 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation. To beat back the wind, the suit is lined with a DuPont wind barrier and is treated with (DWR) Durable Water Repellent.

6. Faith-based deer hunting book.

Glad to see it! “Deer Hunting: From the Cradle to the Grave” has tips, tactics, history and more from P. R. Dorris, a biologist and Christian with 53 yrs of deer hunting:

7. Buck Bourbon deer attractant getting a buzz.

Looks like the grain by-product from making bourbon?

> Through testing we have developed a protein feed that whitetail deer will actually eat without the extra additives.

8. Scent Killer No-Zone in Forest Edge scent.

> It has appealing scents of fresh cut wood and other forest scents that deer like and are attracted to, while knocking out those unwanted odors.

Gear of the Week

CenterPoint Amped 415: X-bow on a budget.

X-bows are hot BUT the top-of-the-line ones will set you back 2 grand. That’s a lot of coin, but CenterPoint has a new model that has a lot of nice features and it’ll only set ya back around $400. shot it:

> I like the way this crossbow feels when shouldered. It’s not the smallest or most compact x-bow on the market, but it’s slimmer and lighter in weight than many others. It has a balanced feel that’ll work for shooters of all shapes and sizes thanks to its adjustable stock.

> …built tough…rugged CNC-machined riser, built tough….

> Their Whisper Silencing System includes string stops, limb dampeners and string silencers. It’s a nice combination that certainly helps reduce noise and vibration at the shot.

> The Amped boasts speeds up to 415 fps and kinetic energy at 156 fpe.

> Other features you’ll find coming standard with this x-bow are an adjustable stock and crank cocker for an easy draw, as well as an anti-dry fire and auto safety system to keep you protected and eliminate accidents and misfires.

> …better-performing crossbows out there, but you won’t likely find one that performs as well as the Amped 415 for under $400.

Tip of the Week

You’re stuck at full draw — now what?

The deer’s within range, you come to full draw, then something goes wrong — he might’ve busted you, you’ve got a branch in your way or whatever. Seconds seem like days, you start to shake….

But it’s like anything else: If you practice for it, you’ll be prepared for it. NA Whitetail’s Jace Bauserman shares some bow setup tips and full-draw drills to practice this summer:

> I want a bow with a valley. If my rig has a valley, I can creep a little and the bow won’t pull my arm through the riser and ruin my hold.

> Letoff is also something to consider. Bows with letoff ratings over 80% can cause you to lose discipline and actually break down your form if you’re not careful. You won’t be pulling as hard into your back wall, which can cause your bow arm to drop.

> A heavier bow will hold and balance better at full draw. A lightweight bow will often create more pin movement, which, again, leads to shooting anxiety.

> Stand 20 yards from a 3D whitetail target. Draw your bow, relax and put your pin where you want the arrow to impact the target. Now hold. Keep holding until you’re shaking so badly you have to let down.

> Record the time. The goal is to improve upon that time in the coming weeks and months. If I can’t hold my bow back for 2.5 minutes and [then] execute a good shot, I’m not happy.

> If you have a tree in your yard, hang a stand. If not, find a tree and haul a target into the woods. You need to practice from an elevated perch in your full hunting attire.

Quote of the Week

“I’d no sooner shoot an albino deer than I’d shoot a unicorn if one happened to show up.”

David Petzal, F&S writer and curmudgeon, talkin’. He also says that anyone who did shoot an albino deer deserves to be “flogged.”

Not sure about that…just personal opinion…which David has a lot of…maybe more than most lol:

Raise your hand if you’d shoot the albino AND the unicorn lol!

Shot of the Week

Great shot of @nickmundt and his daughter headed out on a hunt. Real huntin’ dads can wear pink!

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