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Huge week for big deer, 12-point DOE?? Hunting bumped bucks

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Today’s Top 5
Is this the biggest free-range deer of 2020 so far?
Outdoor Life asked the question, a legit one cuz that deer’s 252″!! OH hunter Matt Brunswick talking:

> On July 3 his first trailcam card pull revealed a mega giant. The photo just showed the buck’s left side, which was really thick and almost appeared palmated. It reminded Brunswick of moose antlers…he called the buck “Moose.”

> “July 8 was the last daytime photo I had of him. I didn’t get another picture until Oct 3. Then, once every 10 days or so he’d pop up on camera at night. That was just enough to let me know he was still in the area.

> “With only having nighttime photos, I knew he was not bedding on the property. I figured that if I was going to kill this deer, it was going to happen during the rut….

> “Where my treestand was, there was a blowdown which created a pinch point. Deer had to come closer to my stand….

> [That afternoon] Moose walked directly toward Brunswick…stopped to work a scrape, and then continued…. “I could see his ginormous rack and I knew exactly what deer it was. At that point, I quit looking at him, picked my spot….

> The monster buck walked to within 20 yards and turned perfectly broadside. The arrow double-lunged…and even nicked the heart. He only went about 15 yards and fell over in sight.

#2 AL archery buck of all time just taken!
And it almost got away — AL Outdoor News with the story:

> Clay Kiteley took the 15-point buck with a x-bow 2 weeks ago. It scored 185 typical and 198 non-typical. It is the #2 archery buck, and #5 non-typical buck ever recorded in the state taken by any weapon.

> “I hadn’t shot anything all year and I guess I was getting a little trigger-happy. I decided I was going to take a doe. I don’t know if they saw me, smelled me or what, but they blew and ran off. I decided to end my hunt right then.”

> Clay said he got down from his stand and began walking along a trail in the woods toward his ATV.

> “I looked up and saw this buck in the woods and my first thought was that if I had stayed in my stand, I might could have gotten this deer. The deer was just standing there staring at me.

> “I had unwound my x-bow, so I thought there was no way. He just stood there and stared at me [15 yards away]. It was crazy. I got my x-bow out and wound it up again.

> “I didn’t really have a real good shot because he was in the woods and I was on the trail. They only shot I had was in the neck. I hit him and he ran off. We trailed him for about 200 yards and found him.”
OK bowhunter gets #3 all-time archery buck.
XHuge congrats to @lanceyoung for this MASSIVE OK buck wow! Lance says it’s the biggest buck taken in the county and the #3 archery buck in the state. @midwest_whitetails_1 with some details:

> Thank You Lord. A dream come true. July 25 at 8:12pm is when I first saw this deer [on a] trail camera. At that exact moment I knew I had an opportunity of a lifetime. An absolute giant, one that would almost cost me my career, health, marriage, and sanity.

> Oct 25 at 10:48 pm was the next time I saw [it on a] trail camera. 12 days, 18 hours, 32 minutes later I saw [the deer] for the first time with my own eyes.

> What I saw with my eyes could never, in my opinion, happen without a higher power. To watch [the deer] in [its] own environment without knowing my presence was breathtaking to say the least.

> This deer was once walking around in the low to mid-250s…the all-time state record. 14-20″ of broken bone from the time of trail cam pics to time of harvest.

Hate to hear that but still a monster!
Friday the 13th buck has 10-inch brow tines??
WV’s Brandon Marks dropped that big boy last Friday, here’s how it went down:

> Friday sitting in his stand was the first time Marks had laid eyes on the deer in person, but he and the brute were not strangers. The trailcam pictures had been telling the tale of this elusive critter for the past 2 years.

> “I’ve hunted him since ’18 and actually I didn’t get pictures until late Nov in ’18 and I didn’t have any daylight pictures until up in Dec.”

He only found 1 of the buck’s sheds in ’19, but this year:

> …got into his stand around 1:30…and had just gotten settled in to hunt the afternoon when the scenario began.

> “I was trying to settle in and I wasn’t there 15 minutes when I saw a deer off to the right cruising with his nose to the ground. When I saw the rack, I knew it had to be the deer.”

> Marks used a couple of autumn olive bushes between himself and the animal to draw back his bow. “When he stepped out, I let it go. It happened so fast, I didn’t even have time to get shook up.

> “My dad used to say 13 was his lucky number, and I’m starting to think he might have been right.”
12-point DOE??? #2020
GA’s Chas Cannon posted pics of this crazy deer on FB — buck headgear but obviously NOT buck “other” gear:

> 12 point doe of a lifetime while she was chasing 2 antlerless does. “Antlerles does” are a thing now? Lol!] 2020 has been an extremely odd year! I can hear my daddy laughing and joking now! I guess, I should have known something special would happen while hunting with his bow!

It might not be a doe? Deer & Deer Hunting says if antlers have hardened (like they have with this deer), then it’s likely it’s a buck with under-developed, un-descended reproductive organs. Chas’ll find out!
More Deer!

Love this quote:

> “Dad’s 93 years old so you know what? Pretty much for him, brown is down.”

Kale Churchill’s a new hunter having a season of a lifetime — not wastin’ any time:

> The day before his 23rd birthday…Kale bagged a buck with a monstrous rack. The deer was his first. So, too, were the bear, moose and wild turkey he shot earlier in 2020.

Story is at North American Hunter, dang cool deer:

Season is open til Feb 7.

Less than last year’s 88,760 deer.

Blame windy and warm weather, possibly Covid fear.

> “We don’t want them to shoot collared deer in the South Delta. We do want them to shoot collared deer in Madison and Yazoo counties.”

Apparently some technical “glitches”…sounds like glitches are normal in MI lol….

Sunday archery deer hunting began on Nov 15, general bear Nov 22, firearms deer season on Nov. 29. First Sunday hunts in over a century.

7. WI says don’t put stands in ash trees.

Can’t link it:

> Many ash trees in WI have been killed by the emerald ash borer, an invasive beetle….

Sounds like he’s doing okay thankfully….

Vista now owns Remington’s ammo biz…and Remington couldn’t be profitable???

> Cock the crossbow at a lower starting poundage, then take the bow to full weight with the touch of a button. Just as easily take the full weight off the crossbow with the touch of a button.

Anyone valuing deer over people is more ‘n a few hotdogs short of a picnic….

Why do people with lots of money think they’re smarter and more moral than everyone else?
Headline of the Day

Deer Disease News

Being studied in Yellowstone Natl Park.

> Borders elk Hunt Area 117 where CWD was detected in 2008.
New Stuff

2 models — the Ultralite Camo, a sub-6-lb…wrapped in KUIU… and a fluted, muzzlebraked Timberline:

> The new Synthetic Green features the classic Monte Carlo Griptonite green stock with a bead blasted matte black blued finish.

> Ideal for strenuous hunts when every ounce counts.

A 27″ and 31″ V3 (pictured), the Prima for women, and the Atlas for big guys:

> The Kuma 30 Final Edition is being offered with an iron riser and Veil alpine camo limbs for the first time. The Divergent Limited-Edition…compact 28″ axle-to-axle bow sports a shadow black riser and iconic Fred Bear Camo limbs.

> These sleek-looking lethal bows have developed a strong following in their time as part of the Bear lineup. The 2 models serve as a final chance for fans of the Kuma and Divergent lines to own a special send-off to both names. The bows will come as Ready-to-Hunt bundles….
Gear of the Week
Calling it the lightest, most-accurate carbon bow ever built. Looks like the bow alone is $649, and tricked out with all the goodies it’s $1,199 MSRP. If you’re interested in counting ounces, this might be the deal for you:

> At just 3.3 lbs it’s a marvel of modern engineering, weighing less than every competing carbon-riser platform out there, and features a new accuracy-enhancing, torque-eliminating grip.

> It’s driven by the synchronized binary cam system…regarded as one of the most accurate cam systems in the world, delivering easy tuning, perfectly-flat nock travel and nock-splitting consistency.

> …premium accessories from Black Gold, TightSpot, RipCord and Octane. This delivers the ultimate complete hunting bow package that can go anywhere and perform in any condition, while providing comfort to get there and back again.

How good is it? If you buy one, let us know!
Tip of the Week

Is he a lost cause? Not necessarily says this Field & Stream post:

> The trick is analyzing the bump, then adjusting your gameplan.

> Spooking a buck in a late-summer (or winter) feeding pattern can upset his routine in a hurry. However, bumping a buck as he’s chasing does is like brushing against a college kid at a party — he probably won’t remember it an hour later, much less the next day.

> A wandering buck that blunders into your ground during the rut shouldn’t get too goosey if you spook him. He’s a doe-seeking missile that won’t be around long anyway. Keep after him!

> If a monster whitetail nails you dead to rights in a treestand, don’t count on killing him there this season. If you blunder into a buck as you walk back to the truck, however, you probably have little to worry about.

> If your buck catches your scent from 200 yards away and skitters off, he’s just nervous, not paranoid. Hunt on!

Get after ’em!
Quote of the Week
“Friends keep telling me it’s a deer of a lifetime but…I’m not through hunting yet.”

– 65-yr-old NY bowhunter Larry Moroz talkin’ after taking this NICE 21-point double-drop on Halloween. Love his attitude — keep on their tails Larry!
Shot of the Week
“Majestic” seems to be a good word for this dude — seen in WI:
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