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IMMENSE record recurve buck! Non-typ EAR? Gland scents are better

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Today’s Top 5

Potential PA record typ bow buck!

Deer peeps are losing their minds over this insane buck shot by Cory Gulvas on PA public lands — with a recurve! @PAbuckmafia posted the pic, and we did a little interwebz surfin’ and found a few details on Cory’s FB page:

> …I spend a great deal of time scouting, shed-hunting and searching for old bucks in mountainous regions here in PA. In all those years and in all the many old bucks I’ve come to know, I’ve never ever come across one of this caliber. He is truly a 1 in a million specimen and just having the opportunity to hunt him was an honor, let alone take his life.

> My buddy and I have been after this buck for 3 years now, and up until this past week he was a complete ghost, moving only at night according to trail camera photos. I also have 2 years’ worth of sheds from him. For whatever reason, this past week he decided to “let his guard down” and that was his biggest mistake.

> The moments leading up to the shot were BY FAR the most intense moments of my life. There is absolutely nothing — and I mean nothing — that can prepare you for those moments. Somehow I held it together.

Can’t wait to hear the full story dude! A RECURVE!!

LA hunter drops velvet buck shot twice before!

Dropping a velvet buck is cool, but dropping one that has a 3rd main beam is WAY cool. AND arrowing the same deer after 2 other hunters failed to take him down — but hit him….doesn’t get much cooler!

That’s what Chris Felder did Oct 1, when he arrowed that giant. Told LA Sportsman things got weird when he was processing the deer:

> “The first thing I found was a mushroomed high-powered rifle bullet in his shoulder area.

> “When I was skinning in the neck area, I noticed some black spots and on further examination, I found small shotgun pellets.”

Post says the 10-pointer was estimated to be 6.5 yrs old. Scored 152 — seems bigger than that?

Slob OH non-typ has it ALL.

Hardly any deets on this deer @ohiotrophybucks posted — a heavy-horned, drop-tined, gaudy-lookin’ whitetail from Adams County, OH, the heart of big whitetail country. But what a SLOB!

Mass-tastic typ with a non-typ EAR??

This really heavy-beamed and ollllllllld looking buck shot was by Nick Skyberg — really symmetrical too. Look close and you’ll his right ear is all jacked up and floppy. Nick says it wasn’t always that way:

> I have pictures of him all summer and he was like that all this year. Last year both were fine.

Damaged in a fight maybe? Something else? Anybody ever seen a deer ear like that?? I’d tell the taxidermist to keep it that way….

The down-low on rattlin’.

Rut’s coming fast and that means rattling time. Hunting TV host Wade Middleton’s hunted more than most and in more places than most, and knows how to make the right kinda racket. You could call him Johann Sebastian Buck, he’s that good — lol! Here’s a couple nuggets from him:

> When I’m rattling up in a treestand, I tend to be a little more subdued and don’t tend to rattle quite as loud. In addition, I’m not moving my body as much, and I’m lightly rattling a lot of times to create a moderate medium sound.

> However, when I’m down on the ground — and I think that massive fights are going on, the deer are rutting and they’re coming to the antlers — I’m far more aggressive. I’m moving the angles of my antlers around, up high, down low to change the sound, which is what happens in a real deer fight.

> I think not rattling really loud can be a mistake some people make in certain situations. By that, I mean if you’re just kind of lightly tinkling the antlers, simulating a little 4- or 6-point fighting each other, you’re probably going to get those results.

> If I’m hunting a place with big deer, and I mean big-bodied deer that fight and when they fight its 2 mammoths going’ for the new heavyweight world title, I want to rock those antlers together as loud as I can.

> I want to make lots of sounds…even kick rocks and even thrash trees at times. Because when 2 big boys are fighting, that’s what’s going on. They’re not just standing there slapping each other around – they’re trying to kill each other!

Check out Wade’s vid to see him lose it in person lol.


1. PA “requirement” hunters wear orange facemasks is FAKE.

Sounds like a fake social media post got around…. LOT of “fake news” out there. Maybe more fake now than fact….

2. UT voting on making hunting/fishing a constitutional right.

Nice! It should be/is!

3. MI shatters deer-hunting license numbers.

Highest growth rate is among the 17-34 age group = good news:

> 751,310 deer hunting licenses [sold in 2020] compared to 584,802 licenses issued in 2019.

4. VT seeing more deer hunters.

Covid but also a bigger bag limit, which now allows hunters to take 4 deer (1 buck) rather than 3.

5. IL bow harvest steady but youth is down.

6. MN hunters struggling to find ammo.

Not just MN…. That post is at, can’t link it.

7. IL state lands: Several Covid-related changes.

That governor seems a couple hotdogs short of a picnic…and sounds like people are also having trouble buying guns in that state….

8. FL wants hunters’ input on 2021-22 regs (survey).

9. WI DNR giving “first deer” certificates.

Love it….

10. WY wants teeth samples from deer.

> Helps wildlife biologists understand population dynamics and other species-specific information….

11. WA: Lost hunter rescued.

73-yr-old hunter:

> One LWFR team was able to reach Sargent by radio and asked him to fire a round from his rifle so his position could be triangulated.

> Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue coordinators would like to remind hunters to always carry the 10 [9?] essentials of survival while hiking: water, food, light, a map, shelter, fire starter, navigation tools, extra clothing and prescribed medications.

12. MN cracking down on amateur deer-processors.

Thanks to COVID, processors are under a lot of pressure so this won’t help.

13. Most treestand falls from no safety harness.

Glen Mayhew from the Tree Stand Safety Awareness Foundation:

> Mayhew has worked tirelessly researching treestand falls and learning about the causes. His findings over 3 years show 35% of falls were related to failure to inspect stands and equipment, 86% happened because victims were not wearing a safety harness and 99% occurred because victims were not connected to tree they were climbing.

> “You can pretty much eliminate the risk of falling to the ground by following those steps,” he said. a) Always remove and inspect your equipment before you use it. b) Buckle your full-body harness securely each time you put it on. c) Connect to the tree using some sort of safety rope before your feet leave the ground.

14. NE poaching case results in 30 guilty pleas.

Largest in the state’s history. Sounds like more cases pending too. From the article:

> At least 97 game animals were illegally killed: 30 whitetail deer, 34 mule deer, 6 pronghorn antelope and 27 turkeys.

15. DC: Supreme Court says wardens can’t trespass without warrant.

Case involved an alleged deer poaching incident in VT, and reversed VT court decision.

16. CO: Is this the new WORLD RECORD velvet muley?

Green scored at 338 7/8″ with 28 points on the right side and 19 points on the left. A special P&Y panel will officially score it on Oct 28.

17. Chuck Adams logs 200th record-book animal.

> Adams’ 2020 mule deer, pronghorn antelope, and American elk should become the 198th, 199th, and 200th record class big game animals that the Wyoming archer has taken…

18. IN: ATA cancels in-person bow show.

Bummer. Will other shows (SHOT) follow suit? ATA still plans a “virtual show.”

19. DC: Hunting/fishing groups weigh in on UN 30×30 thing.

Sounds like the groups want to make sure sportsmen/women are included in whatever comes from this deal, which is good even tho the US isn’t “a party to the treaty” — which is supposed to be about “global threats to biodiversity.”

We’d rather see our country formulate its own policies for itself, but glad these folks are being sorta proactive just in case….

20. 2A stuff.

Don’t think this’ll be a surprise to you but:

Biden-Harris/Harris-Biden want to repeal gun commerce act.

> …the industry-essential Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. The bipartisan law prevents activist lawyers and politicians from attacking the firearm industry with frivolous lawsuits that are designed to bankrupt manufacturers for the heinous crimes committed by individuals.

Biden would appoint anti-gun NY governor Cuomo as AG.

Headline of the Week

CO woman cited after deer raised in home attacks, gores neighbor

Antlered deer as a home pet??

Deer Disease News

1. MT: 18 deer test positive for CWD.

All from areas that previously have had CWD.2. MO changes CWD reporting due to Covid.

Now it’s voluntary sampling in 30 counties.

3. ND: 9,000 hunters can get EHD refund.

EHD outbreak in the western part of the state, up to hunters whether they want to hunt or get a tag refund.

4. NY finds 3 rabid deer.

In 3 different counties.

New Stuff

1. New 2021 Elite Archery compounds.

Elite website is here:

> …release of first-ever technologies that allow archers to change the tune of their bow without ever leaving the shooting line or needing a bow press. This year, Elite Archery extends that S.E.T. (Simplified. Exact. Tuning.) Technology into 3 new models….

> “As we continue to refine the way these technologies work together, we were able to gain additional efficiencies, speeds and furthermore enhance the feel on the 2021 models.”

2. SEVR has an archery target.

> …horizontal shape is larger than comparable targets and allows it to be shot horizontally. The target can also be shot vertically for added confidence at longer distances.

3. Easton BowTruk is for traveling bowhunters.

> 2 full-size main bow compartments…8 interior and exterior accessory pockets…a hybrid hard/soft shell that offers 360-degree content protection…easy toting capabilities with triple field-replaceable roller bearing wheels.

4. Ol’ Man’s 2 new ladder stands.

18′, $199.99 for 1-man, $249.99 for 2-man.

5. Get ready for winter with the Nomad Cottonwood Collection.

> …fleece construction and windproof technology…designed to keep you both warm and quiet.

6. ALPS OutdoorZ has a new sling day pack.

> A unique single-sling daypack providing hunters quick and easy swing-around access to compartments.

Gear of the Week

Bakcou Storm e-bike review.

E-bikes get some hunters riled up — maybe even more than x-bows and 6.5 Creedmoor lol. Are they an efficient and sneaky way to access areas you otherwise couldn’t (or wouldn’t)? Or are they for lazy hunters who tear up the environment with ’em? Either way they’re not goin’ anywhere.’s Pat Lefemine took the Bakcou Storm e-bike for a ride — check out what he said first:

> I’ve been using an e-bike for the last 2 deer seasons and I can say, unequivocally, that outside of my bow and my clothing, this is the most important piece of hunting gear I own for whitetail hunting.

Whoa! More:

> Some states allow eBike use so long as they are 750 watts or less. …Bakcou Storm you can adjust the wattage.

> The power on this bike is incredible, but the most striking feature of this bike is the ride. It is incredibly smooth thanks to a high-end shock and suspension system which is fully customizable based on your weight and riding style.

> …2 battery options available including a standard lithium ion battery and an extended range battery. Bike range is up to 40 miles depending on a variety of conditions and factors.

> Shifting is done with 9-speed Shimano Alivio Hill-Climbing gearing, and brakes are the Powerful Tektro Quad Piston Hydraulics in both the front and rear. Shifting was smooth and flawless, and the brakes are very powerful even when you’re cranking.

> I loved the design of the panier bags and how they mount to a dedicated rail, not the top rail.

> Overall this is a great eBike. Its design is exceptional, extremely powerful, and just fun to ride. The price point is higher than most e-bikes, but you are paying for the superior quality, features and technology.

Pat’s full video review here.

Cool deal BUT…price starts at $5,400-ish. Dang. I mean, that can get you a pretty decent ATV — not quiet like an e-bike but you can haul a deer out with it!

PSA: Looks like you can make your own e-bike with a drill battery?

Not like that — tho that could work too? Here’s the video.

Tip of the Week

Deer gland scents better than urine?

Because a lotta states are starting to ban urine-based scents (CWD fear), a type of scent that you might want to consider is made from deer glands. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette talked to bowhunter and author Brian Kightlinger who explained how these attractants work:

> “During the rut, bucks are extremely territorial and will rush in to chase another buck out of its area. Glands that produce fluids from bucks can be very good at attracting bucks…. I haven’t used urine scents since 2011.”

> Many hunters use a single doe urine brand throughout the hunting season. That’s as inefficient as using 1 glandular scent from the Sept pre-rut through the Jan post-rut because the hormonal signals communicated among deer change throughout the reproductive season.

> One of the most effective lures is taken individually from the preorbital glands, located in the tear ducts. The oil communicates the age, social status and breeding status of the buck leaving the scrape.

> “Gland lures work. It’s how deer communicate. But they use it sparingly and so should hunters. Too much will scare them away. A half a drop, maybe several drops for some scents, can last through the hunting season.”

If you want to learn more, Brian has a book on deer non-verbal communication — cool idea.

Quote of the Week

“If you can’t get the bear or the deer in 4 or 5 shots, you’ve got a problem.”

– Well…gotta say if you can’t get it done in 1 that’s not great! Quote’s from Joe Biden talking in a Field & Stream interview from 2013. The former Vice President is responding to a question about AR-15s but appears to be talking about magazines. More interesting stuff in there….

Shot of the Week

Bassmaster pro Jeremy Starks got a chance to try a new mechanical broadhead made by @thrive_broadheads, and it’s pretty clear they did their job. The made-in-the-US broadheads even got a shout out from Donald Trump Jr — for obvious reasons. Pretty cool!

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