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Insane Georgia giant! Turn your pee into an attractant?? Public land tips

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Georgia GIANT goes down!!

Daaaaaaaaaaaang!!! Absolutely incredible double-drops, huge brow tines — sweet lil’ kickers and stickers all over the place. Love it!

David Lindsey estimated that incredible buck’s at 9.5 years, and his family had been tracking it around their farm that entire time — but didn’t see it much:

> We saw him in person 3 times in 9 years, once last year and 2 times on back to back nights this week. The 3rd time being a charm as he ended up 30 yards away as @dalindsey19 sent a perfectly placed arrow through the center of his heart.

> We had just about every one of his sheds since he was a 3-yr-old and they all set together in a pile of the coffee table in our cabin for us to dream about.

> Big D hunted this deer almost exclusively the last 2 years…. He’s been a large-framed buck ever since he was 3 yrs old…his frame has been declining the last 4 years but every year he would grow more stickers. He had one droptine last year but this year he grew the matching pair which made him a true show-stopper!

> Friday night was his final meal as Kyle laid down the best footage you could ever hope to see as the double drop tine monarch made his way to the persimmon trees where they were waiting.

> A legendary buck I’m sure that will likely never be topped but one that provided more memories than we could ever have hoped to be blessed with!

Can’t wait to see that hunt on The Lindsey Way. Maybe we’ll find out why they named it “Mr. Mumbles”….

Can’t stop looking at this WI jumbo!

Lookit the TINES on that thing! Shot by @dave_gilane, producer for Deer & Deer Hunting. Maybe the most impressive thing about it:

> Not bad for only owning 3 acres 😉

I know — crazy!!

Turn your own pee into a deer attractant??

This might be genius:

> …Whitetail Attractants from ScentRelief transform your own human urine into a powerful attractants and natural cover scents.

> Simply capture your urine in the provided bottle, neutralize it with the included powder, and add the provided liquid attractant to immediately camouflage your own waste odor and convert it into a powerful deer temptation.

> With a full lineup of options, including Estrous, Doe, Buck, and Tarsal scents…will transform your waste into a renewable and economical replacement for expensive deer urine products.

> Neutralized urine [without attractant added] can be safely discarded without worry of alerting any nearby wildlife.

> Converting your own urine into a powerful attractant is a safe and effective way to dispose of your waste and transform it into a valuable whitetail attractant.

Hahaha they’re the same thing!

Can Scent-A-Way’s new Odor Shield keep our camo from stinkin’?

Scent-A-Way’s new Odor Shield product could be real helpful, if it works like they say it will. Supposedly has nano-particles that bond to hunting clothes to keep our stank from soaking in — for up to 30 days. If so, that would be pretty great! Bowhunting gave it a basic rundown (they did not test it):

> It’s a laundry additive…designed to be applied to your clothes in the washer prior to a run through a secondary rinse cycle.

> …uses both silver and titanium nano particles which adhere to the fibers of your clothing. Odor Shield was designed to last for up to 30 days, killing and eliminating any odors throughout that time.

Maybe test it at the gym or when you’re working in the yard? See if the wife notices…lol.

A 4-pack is $10.00. Click here for the Bowhunting YT video on it.

Check out the hunting Batmobile.

Not all vans are sketchy lol! The Hunting Public’s Sam Soholt custom-built a SWEET self-contained hunting rig out of a Chevy Express 3500 extended-length van that he converted to 4WD!

> It’s nothing extravagant, but there’s no question you could live and hunt out of that thing for an extended period of time. And if you start to feel claustrophobic or restricted, just head out into the outdoors! That’s the whole idea behind this hunting closet on wheels, right?

> My favorite feature on this rig is the Decked slide-out weapons rack for storing either your bow or guns. I know Sam said he was inspired by ‘The Boondock Saints’ when he installed this portion of the van, but I also like to think John Wick would approve of this design, as well.

Wick definitely would if it included a puppy lol!

Even if you’ll never build a dedicated hunting rig, definitely check out the YT vid. Lots of great ideas in there.


1. MI will have a 90% fewer check stations??

Sounds like a serious hassle for all:

> “We’ve had anywhere typically between 100-150 [check stations]. This year when archery season opens we’ll probably be only looking at about somewhere between 10-15 to stations.”

> …hunters will have to remain in their cars when at the check stations. It’s for social distancing purposes and they’ll also be required to wear masks.

2. WI wants insight on “hunting behaviors.”

Can’t link it — at

> …asking 130,000 deer hunters a 3-day period of their hunting behaviors as part of the department’s largest in history hunter diary.

> “Hunter selectivity has been changing over time, hunters now are more likely to pass on a buck than ever in the past, so we’re just looking to quantify that data.”

3. CA reopens some lands closed to fire risks.

The list is here (pdf), but lots still closed.

4. VT: New website about deer season changes.

Vids on new seasons/bag limits, calendars, FAQs.

5. TN: More folks need venison.

Because of Covid-related economic effects.

6. More Buck Knives web specials!

Here’s a couple we like — the Bantam BBW in Mossy Oak Infinity and the 738 Bow TRX:

Btw Buck is supporting The Harvest movie, which is supposed to be (haven’t seen it yet) about hunting in a positive/normal way.

7. Gore-Tex inventor passes on.

All outdoors folk owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Gore — God bless him:

> Robert Gore discovered that if you take PTFE, commonly known as DuPont’s Teflon, and give it a sudden yank, it expands by 1,000%. The material created is perforated with millions of tiny holes that are smaller than a water droplet.

8. Dennis Presley is new Careco sales/marketing dude.

> His background includes sales and management roles for Mossy Oak, and the former Petersen’s Publishing portfolio of assets that included Petersen’s Hunting, Bowhunting, and Guns & Ammo.

Careco’s also taking on a bigger role with the Pursuit Network.

9. GA: Ever heard of Skunk Ape ladder stands?

Gotta be a #bigfoot story behind that one….

10. P&Y opens non-typ Sitka blacktail deer category.

> “…was the only deer species that we did not have a non-typical category for.”

11. Leica app now can use bluetooth.

> …ballistic profiles can now be transferred offline using bluetooth technology. Previously, this was only possible with a cellular connection or Wi-Fi.

12. BC: Gun store owners suing Canadian gov’t…

…over recent anti-gun regs:

> When the Trudeau government banned hundreds of thousands of firearms from being legally owned by Canadians, it hit Parker and her business hard. Suddenly, 10s of thousands of dollars of stock was frozen. She couldn’t sell it. She couldn’t return it. She couldn’t reinvest that money back into her business.

13. 2A: Joe Biden doesn’t understand 2nd Amendment?


Not Deer But Cool!

1. SD hunter arrows a trifecta!

Impressive: a muley, wapiti, and speed goat IN 1 WEEK! Jama Bourne had a heckuva time on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. From the post on SD Big Bucks FB:

> She bagged all of them! She donated 3/4 of the meat to the elderly in the Fort Thompson area! Very cool you did that Jama! Thanks for helping them out!

2. WI: 11-yr-old girl whacks 800+ lb black bear!

Whoa! Could be a state record:

3. MT: Yellowstone griz takes down big bull elk.

> He has been guarding his prize from other bears and wolves and sleeping next to or sometimes on top of the elk carcass, periodically eating for 30 minutes here and there.

If you haven’t seen the takedown video yet, it’s a drowning.

Deer Disease News

1. WI wants to test more deer for CWD.

> The agency projects it will obtain 24,000 samples to test for the deadly deer disease…higher than the agency’s goal last year.

2. ND: EHD on the loose?

> Reports throughout southwestern ND of dead and dying whitetail deer discovered on the landscape – but particularly related to drainages and low water areas – suggest EHD may be to blame.

3. NY: EHD deer being seen.

4. But…EHD overall doesn’t seem as bad this year.

> So far 2020 has the lowest [EHD] infection rate I’ve seen since I started tracking this nasty deer disease a decade ago.

5. WY found a couple non-deer CWD cases.

> CWD was confirmed in Deer Hunt Area 25 in the Bighorn Mountains with a positive test from an adult doe mule deer…in Elk Hunt Area 123 near Wright, a sick elk tested positive for CWD.

New Stuff

1. Reviewed: Can-Am 2020 Defender Max X MR.

> For 2020, the Defender line is revamped with a more powerful Rotax 976 cc, V-twin engine that produces 82 hp and 69 ft-lbs of torque.

2. New Hawk lightweight hunting platform.

Just 1.4 lbs, to be used with saddles:

3. Tactacam Spotter LR mounts to any spotting scope.

> The spotter LR comes with multiple sizing shims and a quick-snap adapter allowing it to work with any spotting scope on the market.

4. HME archery multi-tool.

Wrenches, screwdriver, blade sharpener, box cutter, bottle opener, etc:

5. Big Game Brew coffee marketed to hunters.

Launched by 3 outdoors dudes….

Gear of the Week

Weatherby’s Mark V chassis is known as a proven design, but it’s not been considered lightweight — until now. The Backcountry Ti model chambered in 6.5 RPM weighs in at just 4.9 lbs, definitely walking/climbing range. American Hunter says this shooter has a lot more going for it than just weight:

> …titanium action, carbon-fiber stock and a very thin profile, fluted barrel. It comes with a brake attached, but also a thread protector if you prefer not to use one.

> The only setback with the titanium action is that it is a little stickier than a steel action (if this is a deal-breaker, get the steel Backcountry model at just a few oz more). I find it to be an insignificant factor with all other things considered.

> The stock, built by AG Composites, is the height of carbon-fiber engineering. It is extremely lightweight, impervious to moisture and pillar bedded.

> This rifle is guaranteed by Weatherby to shoot MOA or better 3-shot groups from a cold barrel, and mine will absolutely do it. It has a very clean-breaking TriggerTech trigger, which also features stainless steel components for weather protection.

But…it ain’t cheap! Starts at $3,349 MSRP.

Tip of the Week

How to make public land work for you.

It’s for sure nice (a luxury?) having private land to hunt, but there’s just a little more satisfaction if you can punch your tag on public land that everyone has access to. Louisiana Sportsman had some good tips from Jonathon Zell, a diehard public-land hunter. His quals:

> In 2014, Zell brought down a 10-point buck measuring 148″. In 2017, an impressive, 168″ 12-pointer bit the dust. Then in 2018, he downed a 138″ buck, and in 2019 he dropped a 145″ 8-pointer. …only one of those trophies was taken with a rifle….

A few of his tips:

> “I try to find small drains next to the thickest cover I can find. I’m also on the lookout for oaks that are producing acorns. All oaks don’t have acorns every year, so I look for the ones that have them now.”

> The next thing Zell looks for is the travel pattern of does in the area, well-worn trails along with actual sightings. He knows that when the rut kicks in does will be attracting bucks, and occasionally they will be heavy-antlered bucks.

> “…I scout with my climbing stand on my back. Wise, old bucks are smart, and once you spread your scent like I do after a mile walk, that could keep the one you’re after in hiding until after dark. I’ll choose a different tree to favor the wind, a location that still gives me access to the drains and thicket.

> “I seem to have better success when the moon phase is less than 10%. That being said, that’s not the only time I hunt. I go when I can…. The more hours you spend in a stand, the better your chances of being there when a big buck makes a move.”

Quote of the Week

“It’s actually recreational murder of another animal.”

Quote from a sadly mistaken/possibly brainwashed NJ resident who we’re guessin’ must not eat meat or like to eat healthy? Also pretty sure murder — Biblically and otherwise — only applies to people….

Shot of the Week

Thanks to the Reveal by Tactacam FB page for this incredible shot. Water is gonna have to go WAAAAYYY down before I’d hunt that stand again:

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