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GA 12-year-old drops a 16!!

How ’bout that! 12-yr-old Palmer D shot a buck with more points than he has years on this earth: SIXTEEN!! @GeorgiaOutdoorNews caught up with Palmer:

> The night of the kill, he was hunting over one of his dad’s cornfields on the family’s farm. It was drizzling rain when the deer came out 400 yards away.

> Palmer waited and made a perfect shot at about 125 yards. When he got off of the stand and reached the deer, he couldn’t believe it. It was a huge 16-pointer! He told his parents that all of his hard work and dedication had paid off. It’s a day he’ll never forget.

The wide-beamed monster scored 176, and apparently weighed 265 lbs…which is probly close to 3x Palmer’s weight lol. NICE work buddy!

Oops just in — this 8-yr-old gal shot this MS 12-point, had to stop doing homework in the stand to shoot it:

Favorite lines from the post:

> “Mama, there’s a second one,” Kate told her mother. “I’m going to shoot the second one.”

> “I was a nervous wreck,” [her mom] said. “I was watching through binoculars, and they were going in circles. I was super nervous. That was the biggest deer I’ve ever seen.”

Huge congrats!

TX 2-step: giant PUBLIC LAND brutes!!!

Lovin’ the father-son bucks this season…. Those ^ 2 gaw-jus deer were shot by Jonathan Mechler and his dad on the Gus Engeling WMA, 11,000 acres in east TX. These are low-fence, native deer. Here’s Jon givin’ the deets to the TX Buck Registry:

> My father and I were lucky enough to draw Gus Engeling WMA archery and rifle this year. We didn’t have much luck during the archery hunt, but we did see some nice deer, including the 12-point my father harvested.

> When we showed up for the rifle hunt, we requested the same compartment and were lucky enough to get [it]…. Both of us were hunting that 12-point, however, when this 10-point stepped out I couldn’t pass. Thankfully, the 12-point stepped out for my father the following day, and we were both able to harvest great deer.

Jon’s buck was 150 7/8, while his dad’s 12 scored 161 3/8. Somethin’ tells us the next Gus Engeling lottery will be a LOT tougher lol!

Pierce Pennaz tags his first buck!

What a cool story. Pierce is the son of Steve Pennaz, who’s done more in the hunting ‘n fishing biz than we could list here and is a good dude. Steve’s daughter Maddie, a big-time hunter and angler, told the story of her younger bro’s first deer:

> A lot of hunters will get deer this season. But may not have a story like this one….

> A few years ago, my dad contacted MN State Rep. Jim Nash to ask him to consider drafting a bill so that Pierce could hunt with him without taking a hunter safety course (which is law but Pierce would be unable to pass).

> After 2 legislative sessions, the bill passed and Pierce could hunt as an apprentice, as long as he was within arm’s length of my dad. Pierce joined my dad on his first-ever deer hunt yesterday.

> Around 4:00, this buck stepped out. Pierce made a great 120-yard lung shot. They quickly found blood, and laid eyes on Pierce’s first deer — a beautiful 6 point.

> I could not be more proud. This deer means so much to Pierce as well as my family. You did it buddy! Congratulations on your trophy. #dontfeardownsyndrome

Now THAT is what hunting is all about, deer brothers and sisters. Huge congrats to Pierce and all the Pennazes!

MO quad racer tags a first-time HOSS!

Check out that wide and high toad! Shot by Jessica Renshaw in central MO, her FIRST…DEER…EVER.

Congrats and welcome to the deer brother/sister hood!

Did we mention she’s a 3-time Midwest Extreme Dirt Track ATV national champ too….

Catchin’ Deers drops new single: “Booner I’m Amazed.”

So great hahaha! A love song to big bucks??

If you listened to pop country in the early 2000s, you couldn’t avoid the band Lonestar. The songs were catchy, and we’re willin’ to bet a lot of folks can still hum a song or two from ’em — for good reason: They cranked out 9 #1 hits from ’96 to ’04.

Well, Catchin’ Deers funny guy Mike Fisher — former Nashville Predators hockey star married to Carrie Underwood — took Lonestar’s megahit “Amazed” and did his thing with it like:

Booner when you show up

I’ll be ready with my bow up

I don’t know how you grew how you grew…
…the length of your G2s

They just keep gettin’ longer

I wanna spend the rest of my night
With you close broadside

Forever and ever

Could go on but give it a listen yourself:

Gonna be hummin’ that deal all day:


1. MI: Deer hunter shoots younger brother.

Thank the good Lord the article indicates he’ll be fine:

> The brothers were looking for a deer that one of the brothers had shot earlier but became separated during a search in the dense corn, the sheriff’s office said.

> One brother, a 29-year-old, thought he saw and heard the deer moving and fired his muzzle loading rifle. The man, realizing he shot his brother, a 28-year-old, and not the deer, immediately called 911.

2. SC: Hunter shoots another hunter.

> …one of the men in the party got out of his stand and was mistaken for a deer by another member of the group just before 8 am. He was shot through the upper body with buckshot…. It appears he was not wearing an orange vest at the time of the shooting.

3. F&S reviews gun safety rules.

We know you know but:

1. Treat every gun as if it were loaded.
2. Always point your gun in a safe direction.
3. Never point your gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot.
4. Keep your finger off the trigger until your ready to shoot.

5. Be sure of your target and what’s beyond.

4. Follow up: MN 90 year-old shoots his 101st deer.

Mr. Owen Hall made good on his quest to shoot his 101st deer.

> “It was about 4 in the afternoon and the guys were making a drive. I stood on the side of the drive. I’ve had a bad shoulder and it’s hard to shoot, so I stayed out of the forefront. This buck and doe came out (of the woods), and the buck stopped about 125 yards from me.” Hall’s shot was on target, and grandsons Tony and Justin took over from there.


5. MN: Wicked temps affect opening weekend harvest.

Brutal cold and wind chills kept many hunters home:

> The MN DNR said hunters registered 47,580 deer Saturday, but only 21,243 deer Sunday….

6. WI: Deer herd at all time high?

Population supposed to be close to 2 mil:

> …more whitetails than at any time since the first regulated season in 1851 or even in pre-recorded history, according to deer experts.

Not sure how they’d know the #s in PRE-recorded history?? Anyhow, not all good news in WI — July storms that tore up 286K acres of forest means lots of roads and trails are out of commission:

> “The damage is worse than a tornado. And it’s across a large area. This was a very big deal.”

7. WI brings down poaching ring.

Five men were convicted and in the article a warden said she believes 40-ish deer were poached:

> “This was not for the meat. This was to kill, no doubt. They were out to just kill something.”

8. IL adds hunter ed to school curriculum!

> …course components may include firearm safety, responsible firearm ownership, transportation laws, and how to ensure compliance with local hunting ordinances, as well as hunting ethics, first aid, wildlife conservation and bowhunting.


9. NE: Spring/summer floods impacting hunting grounds.

Some areas STILL underwater.

10. MD: Harvest up 12% so far.

21,073 deer taken during archery and muzzleloader season this year.

11. DE hunters suing over semi-auto hunting.

> …lawmakers passed a law in 2018 allowing people to use rifles that fire ammunition typically used in pistols to hunt deer….

> However, the DE State Sportsmen’s Assn alleges in its lawsuit that the [DE DNR] is barring people from using semi-automatic rifles that fire pistol-caliber ammunition, something not barred under the legislation.

12. DC: NSSF likes Sunday hunting in PA.

National Shooting Sports Foundation.

13. Deer poop: No difference between bucks and does?

> The shape of deer droppings is not indicative of deer sex. Rather, stool shape is a product of diet.

Hmm. But…is there a difference between droppings and black beans:

14. IA food pantries getting venison from hunters.

> Statewide, nearly 4,000 deer were donated by hunters to HUSH [Helping Us Stop Hunger] last year, providing some 600,000 meals.

#strong! Props IA deer brothers!

15. MN hunters save doe stranded on ice.

Bet the non-hunting public has no idea hunters do this kinda stuff:

> “My first thought was it was going to be a victim [of] the coyotes as soon as the sun went down this evening. The thought didn’t sit well with me with the coyotes feasting on a live deer.”

16. UT: One way to transport deer?

17. MI businesses offer “Deer Widow” specials.

> Many places in west MI are offering deer hunting widow events and special, including Alpine Hair and Day Spa. The salon is offering discounted pamper sessions.


Deer Disease News

1. MT: Possible CWD case in Region 6.

> Since 2018 there have been 25 confirmed cases of CWD in Region 6. However, this particular mule deer buck would be the first positive case in HD 690.

2. MO deer being checked for CWD.

CWD testing is mandatory in 29 counties:

> …since 2002,the state has tested about 134,000 deer, and only about 170 were positive for CWD.

170 sounds like a lot?

New Stuff

1. Check out the Steambow ONYX x-bow.

> …powered by compressed air in a refillable tank, allowing for a very rapid rate of fire and almost completely silent operation. Automatically cock and decock the crossbow with the push of a single button for increased safety and convenience.

2. Xpedition Archery’s 2020 lineup.

> …4 new models that offer something for just about every bowhunter, from those who want a super-fast-speed bow, to those who like compact bows for maximum maneuverability in the field, to those who appreciate the forgiveness offered by a longer axle-to-axle platform….

3. New Easton spine sizes.

> For 2020 Easton will add a full range of spine sizes from 260 to 700 to cover virtually all bowhunting setups.

4. Milwaukee Tool HEATED jacket in Realtree.

> Powered by M12 REDLITHIUM Battery Technology, Milwaukee M12 Heated QuietShell Jackets use carbon-fiber heating elements to create and distribute heat to the chest, back and front hand pockets.

Gear of the Week

Wicked Ridge RDX 400 x-bow.

String rifles are all the rage these days, but for some of us dropping 10 Benjamins or more is a lot to ask. That’s why Deer & Deer Hunting’s review of the Wicked Ridge RDX 400 caught our eye — plenty of speed and other features, and retails at $759:

> In addition to 400-plus fps being the new frontier for crossbows, so…are shrinking dimensions. In other words, thin is in and it’s here to stay. The RDX 400 isn’t the slimmest model…but with an axle-to-axle cocked width of only 9″, it’s no brush banger.

> Another aspect of the RDX 400 that makes it ideal for still-hunting is its exceptional balance. This comes courtesy of the reverse-draw limb setup and lightweight Fusion RX stock. By locating the aluminum riser to the center of the stock (rather than the front, as with conventional-draw crossbows), the center of balance shifts back toward the shooter.

> The short axle-to-axle width and overall 33.25″ length makes this model highly maneuverable in the tight confines of a ground blind or when sharp-angled shots are required from a treestand.

> …ready to hunt out of the box with everything you need except for broadheads. The included TenPoint Multi-Line Scope is pre-mounted and bore-sighted at the factory, so it only takes 2 or 3 shots to achieve zero at 20 yards plus a few more shots at 30 and 40 yards to refine that zero across the crossbow’s effective hunting range.

> The base model RDX 400 comes with a Rope Sled cocking device while the optional ACUdraw system is available for an extra $100.

Tip of the Week

You’re only as good as your glass.

Know anyone who drops $1K for the latest camo pattern but buys the cheapest binos they can find? Or has a 4-figure rifle but puts a $99 scope on it?? As Matt Williams from the Athens Daily Review says, “Binoculars and rifle scopes are like camera lenses: You get what you pay for.” Here’s a few good tips if you’re not a glass groupie:

> If you’re a selective hunter who likes to take a good look for before you pull the trigger, don’t cut corners when it comes to optics. Buy the best you can afford and be sure to look for quality components including premium glass to enhance image quality, and multi-coated lenses for optimum light transmission and brightness during those bewitching moments of dim, grey light around dusk and dawn.

> Something else to consider is the alliance between the magnification and light gathering capabilities of the glass. These characteristics are gauged by number. In 8×42 binoculars, the “8” is the number of times the object is magnified. The “42” refers to the metric diameter of the light collecting lens.

> The higher the 1st number, the more the object is magnified. The higher the 2nd number, the more light that is gathered and the brighter the image will appear. A larger lens size also means more weight to tote around in the woods.

> …choose binoculars based on the terrain they intend to hunt. …close-quarters hunting, where shooting light is slow to come and fast to wane…magnification power isn’t near as critical under those conditions as light-gathering….

> Those who hunt in more open terrain or in the high country will want a glass with some power on the back end, but not so much that it takes away from the light-gathering optics up front. The more an object is magnified, the more light that is required to see it clearly.

Quote of the Week

“Remember every deer is a trophy. Remember that when talking to another hunter and when talking about another hunter’s deer.”

Outdoor writer Brandon Butler givin’ dang good advice on the ugly (and maybe growing) tendency of “deer shaming.” That’s when one hunter talks trash about another’s deer based on size, age or whatever. Not cool — and let’s all stick together and build each other up folks!

Shot of the Week

Great @GrowingDeerTV shot of a…bad shot? Yep that OK buck had a broadhead and part of an arrow shaft in its backstrap. Whatever happened, that’s one tough buck! Cool non-typ antlers too….
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