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More huge bucks! Grossest deer ever?? Estrous decoy works!

Some year-2000-type rumors happening about the internet going down around election day. Hopefully not, but if so we’ll be back at ya as soon as we can!
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Today’s Top 5

New bowhunter gets 200+ OH monster!!

Daaaaaaaaaaang! Do some dudes have all the luck? Dudes like new OH bowhunter Corey Richmond?

This summer was the first time Corey started shooting a bow, and before sticking that mule, he’d only taken a couple does. Deets:

> …had almost daily pictures of the buck before it disappeared for a month. Outside of Richmond and his brother-in-law, it is questionable if any others knew about it or had seen the massive whitetail [in Adams County, OH].

> Corey already had a stand set near the spot where the buck was photographed but had not hunted the spot for fear of spooking the buck out of the area. The old buck had a well-established pattern and Richmond knew that very likely he would have only a one-shot chance….

> After he got settled in, 2 does walked near his stand but he remained undetected. A half-hour later he saw a lone doe at a distance standing in an old forest road. That’s when the big non-typical showed up and went over to the doe.

> It was a long few minutes and Richmond said he was fighting off a bad case of buck fever that was about to overtake him. Finally the massive non-typical stepped in an opening at 35 yards offering Richmond that once-in-a-lifetime shot at a truly giant whitetail.

Nice shot Corey! Ended up being 23-point (!!!!!), 224 3/8″, 20″ inside spread monster of a buck. Amazing!

KS hunter drops a 190-class toad!

Look at the MASS on this brute recently shot by Korbin Jones in KS. Korbin tells Buckmasters it was only his 2nd sit of the season and temps were in the 80s! Didn’t seem to bother the deer none tho:

> “I was covered up in deer all afternoon. …since I got my buck early last year, I was mainly focused on shaking the rust off and getting back into the hunting groove. I didn’t really have much for expectations. I had nothing else to do that afternoon and just wanted to go deer hunting.

> “I saw numerous does and 3 pretty nice bucks. The deer were constantly moving all afternoon. Eventually, the 3 nicer bucks jerked their heads up and then took off running. I wondered what had spooked them, and soon spotted a huge buck standing there…. He ate some corn in the field for a couple of minutes and then headed my way.

> “I kept trying to stay focused and make sure that I made a good hit when the time came. After the hunt, I pulled the card from the camera and realized that the buck had been there the evening before I killed him, but I hadn’t known he was in the area….”

KS is a one-buck state so he’s done, but so what! That deer grossed over 190″ and was only his 2nd bow buck ever!

“Lefty” has a real interesting mess on his head.

When you see the pic on the left, you’re like, “Dang nice deer bro.” But when you see that deal on the right you’re like:

Lol! STUD deer was taken by Lincoln Tapp in OK. He had pics of the buck all summer, but you know how that goes:

> The buck started hitting one of my cameras hard and was there at least twice a day for about a month. I collected hundreds of trail cam pics of him during this time. Unfortunately, as always seems to happen the closer season gets, he started to get more cautious.

> Twice a day turned into once a day, then every day turned into every other day. Then finally, he was mostly nocturnal just in time for Oct 1.

> My attempt to pattern him again failed, but persistence is what finally paid off. It all ended with a 25 yard heart shot and one of the quickest kills I’ve ever made on a deer.

> …”Lefty” broke off approx 20″ of antler in 4 different tines before I was able to arrow him. A true warrior of a buck.

OH triple-beamer gets fooled by Estrous Betty.

OH’s Dale Mannasmith recently tagged this sweet-lookin’ deer — looks like it’s got 3 main beams, don’t see that a whole lot…. Dale says the big buck was lured in by “Estrous Betty” which — seriously — is a silhouette of a doe peeing.

If you’ve never heard of it, Montana Decoy ( — can’t link it) has been selling it for years, but we’ve personally never heard a story of a buck — let alone a giant one — get fooled by it. Pretty cool!

Here’s what Montana Decoy says about this deal:

> Setting up an Estrus Betty doe decoy within bow range is one way to avoid kicking yourself as that buck of a lifetime strolls away from your calls. It’s the perfect visual to accompany scents and calls…the squatting pose and raised tail…promise to spur close encounters with the big boys.

Grossest deer ever??

WTHeck happened to this deer??? Apparently from an IL hunter’s trailcam, and the vid is even weirder. Knew deer were tough but daaaaaang…. Amazing, weird for sure, and pretty gross:


1. PA: Teen possibly shot by hunter?

Teen was not hunting. Heartbreaking. If anyone knows anything, the police are looking for info. The article says the victim’s girlfriend said:

> “She observed a male dressed in an orange vest, which she described as hunting clothing, standing behind the yellow gate on Old Ridge Road, looking in their direction.”

2. Election stuff.

200K hunters pledge to votemove that number even higher here.

– 10 wins for gun owners under President Trump.

3. TX predicting a great rifle season.

Begins Nov 7, should have plenty of older age-class deer.

4. VT has some leftover doe muzzleloader tags.

5. NY still has some leftover tags too.

6. IL study: Shotgun pellets contaminate deer meat.

> Harper, who said he is a hunter who used lead shot, became curious about the potential for contamination, and decided to do the study.

> Radiographs showed 48% of 27 ground venison packets from 10 shotgun-harvested deer contained metal fragments. None of the 15 packets from three archery-harvested deer contained small fragments.

7. MO: 25% increase in female hunters since 2008.


8. TX Supreme Court re-affirms deer are public property.

> Deer breeders have no private property rights in the breeder deer they are allowed to possess under a deer breeder’s permit.

9. MI issues do not eat advisory for 5-mile area.

PFAS chemical contamination from a nearby Air Force base.

10. DC: Trump Admin adds 1200+ miles to nat’l trail system.

11. PA: NRA cancels Great American Outdoor Show.

Cites PA’s COVID restrictions. Bummer, that’s a great show that’s open to the public.

12. NV: SCI axes its 2021 show.

13. TX: Houston Safari Club Expo is still on.

> Temperature checks, self-assessments and masks will be required for all Expo attendees.

14. GA governor likes to bowhunt deer.


15. WV governor is asking for venison donations…

…to help feed hungry folks.

16. Check out Seek One’s 300-lb 8-point urban deer.

17. Night lights affect western muley activity.

Sounds kinda obvious:

> Mule deer living in light-polluted areas are drawn to artificial night time lighting, which is associated with green vegetation around homes.

> …[deer] living around artificial night light forage throughout the day and are more active at night than wildland deer — especially during the summer.

New Stuff

1. New Hoyt Eclipse bow for women.

> Eclipse is available in draw lengths from 23.5″ to 28″ and comes in 2 cam sizes with interchangeable modules….

2. Kryptek has a new camo pattern: Obskura.

3. New Cabela’s insulated boots.

> Tough, yet lightweight, this boot keeps hunters dry, warm and mobile for the most demanding hunts.

4. Warm up with HSS Heated Muff Pak.

> It heats up in less than 2 minutes and lasts for up to 5 hours. The Muff-Pak has 4 pockets to keep important items handy….

5. Millennium has a coupla new ladder stands.

> Both these trend-setting stands are built with rugged durability, with powder-coated steelTough construction providing a solid, safe space for 2 hunters.

Gear of the Week

Take a look at the Savage Model 110 Haymaker.

Gotta say the look of the gun is definitely savage! Gotta big ol’ muzzle break and a big ol’ magazine for stuffin’ big ol’ .450 Bushmaster straight-walled cartridges in it. Lowdown comes from an American Hunter video, here’s some highlights:

> Able to send a 300-grain bullet at around 2,000 fps, the 110 Haymaker starts with a proven Savage 110 dual-lug action with a floating bolt head that creates 100% engagement with the lugs and the cartridge.

> The barrel is complete with threading, and ships with a ported muzzle break, to help tame recoil.

> All that steel sits inside Savage’s Accustock bedding system, a rigid aluminum chassis embedded along nearly the entire length of the forend.

> The user-adjustable Accutrigger is easily adjustable from about 2.5 to 6 lbs. It breaks crisp and clean.

> A 5-round Magpul AICS detachable box magazine sits underneath, with a release lever just to its rear, in front of the trigger guard.

> Savage’s Accufit system provides nearly everything you need to obtain a custom fit, adjustable for both length of pull and comb height.

Sounds like a nice brush gun — MSRP is right at $900.

Tip of the Week

What does the “rutting moon” mean for hunting?

MeatEater looked into the theories behind the “rutting moon” and its timing this year, and gave a few hints at how to hunt a couple moon phases:

> Countless studies have shown that the timing of the whitetail breeding season is triggered by photoperiod (the amount of daylight in 24 hours), which means that actual peak breeding is consistent year to year.

> According to this research, no trendy factors — such as the moon, temperature or barometric pressure — change the timing of the breeding bell curve. For most parts of the country, this means that breeding activity will peak around the middle of Nov.

> The thinking goes that when the rutting moon is lined up with the first few weeks of Nov, it results in superior daylight activity during this already much-anticipated period. This is what we have in 2020. So, if you’re a believer, the rutting moon this year is exactly what you’re looking for.

> Both John Dudley and the Drury Brothers have described an affinity for periods when the moon is in the sky early in the evening or late in the morning. These positions occur in the days before and after a full moon. Daylight movement supposedly increases when these preferred moon days coincide with the weeks around the rut.

> A 2nd moon position-related theory, championed by folks such as Adam Hays, keys in on times when the moon is directly overhead or underfoot. Hays has even described using these “red moon dates”…to help him decide which days to hunt midday. In 2020, these dates point to particularly good activity Nov 3-7 and Nov 17-21.

Interesting…though for a lot of us the best time to hunt is whenever we can!

Quote of the Week

“The last time I killed a deer that went on the wall I fell out of the stand. I got too excited and fell out.”

MS deer hunter Jardy Matherne talkin’. Careful Jardy — make sure you have a harness on! We know how it is though — #ShakeIsReal

Lol! Big congrats to Jardy and his son for taking these 2 nice bucks the same day!

Shot of the Week

Dang hate to see this — couple real nice KS bucks tangled up and both died:

Quick thinker who found ’em:

> The resident who found them notified game wardens to obtain a salvage tag, which is required for any big game and turkeys in the state.

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