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New WR bow non-typ? Tink’s gets a toad! How to pick a knife

Hope y’all are doing well, healthy and had a great Easter…speakin’ of which, here’s a little deer stand preachin’ as seen in SC — love it!

Today’s Top 5

Is this the new #1 women’s bow non-typ?

Sure looks like it could be:

How ’bout a gross 239 7/8 and net 233 2/8!!!! Taken by Kassandra Agarand in Saskatchewan. NA Whitetail sez it’s probly the biggest bow non-typ ever taken by a female hunter — we believe it!

Kassandra discovered the buck — she called “Hobo” because of his scruffy coat — on trailcam shots of the property she was hunting. She first saw him in 2018 and had intended to hunt him then, but then more trailcam pics showed several broken tines.

Good thing she waited cuz Hobo grew into a STUD she got obsessed with. She juggled work schedules, sacrificed time with her daughter, lost sleep, and battled lousy scenting conditions in the first full week of bow season. Then one day, as her partner Beau Knutson dozed next to her in the blind, Hobo appeared…broadside:

> I knew he was just inside 25 yards. I can’t find the words for how intense that moment was. Before raising my bow off my lap, I turned my head away and took a big breath to relax my body. Everything was happening so fast now.

> I released my arrow and watched as it buried itself into that beautiful animal. He leaped into the air, kicking his front and back legs, and took off. I started laughing and crying, with the tears just rolling down my cheeks….

Next was a nearly all-night tracking session, and they didn’t find the deer. But they did the next morning:

> Walking up to that buck felt exactly as I’d dreamed it would: the morning sun on my face, a cool breeze blowing and a beautiful animal lying in front of me. It was absolutely perfect. Recalling the moment even now brings tears to my eyes. I’ll take it with me to my grave.

Wow! We…kinda have had that feeling? Would love to get one close to that big tho!

Tink’s #69 does the trick for this OH hunter.

Sometimes an old standby reveals once again why it’s an old standby. Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure hit the market in ’72, and no telling how much venison it’s helped put in the freezer over the years. Well, here’s another one: Buckmasters says OH hunter Mike Mallory put it all over his huntin’ boots to fool “Shaker” into crossing a beanfield one evening:

> “…Shaker because the first time I saw him from a treestand, I shook so badly that I was unable to get off a shot.

> “When I reach the edge of the woods, I stop, remove the backpack, spray myself down with scent eliminator, and then pour some Tink’s #69 on my boots for the final 100 or so yards to the stand.

> “After I hauled myself onto the platform, still on my knees, I glanced at the trail I had come in and was astounded to see this huge buck coming up that very trail, nose to the ground….

> “While its head was down, I quickly and carefully began pulling up my gear. I quietly set everything on the platform and tried to unzip the backpack so I could get to the quiver. It was agonizingly slow, but I got it done.”

Heck yeah he did! Shaker had a BTS score of 195 5/8 and weighed 272 lbs field-dressed!!! What a TOAD!

WI’s Thomas Mlsna got another trophy.

Check out that ^ SWEET-lookin’ boss buck that Thomas Mlsna — yep, M-L-SNA — arrowed in Nov. Not too much info on the hunt, but you may remember Thomas from his 2017 kill, which he named “Candy Man.” Read about that hunt at Legendary Whitetails — here’s a pic of Candy Man, 214″ of sweetness:

Guessin’ Thomas knows a thing or two about how to hunt the big boys….

AZ bill would ban trailcams??

If it passes…sounds a little nuts:

> A person may not place or use a traditional trail camera from Jul 31 through Dec 31. If the trail camera is capable of wireless transmission of images, a person may not place or use it from Jun 30 through Dec 31.

Supposed reasoning behind it:

> First, many cameras are stationed around water holes and the constant checking of cameras may interfere with animal movement during the hot summer months.

> Second…some that feel that trail cameras give the hunter an unfair advantage when it comes to pursuing wild game.

Lol! Good to hear that the QDMA submitted comments against it (pdf link):

> …we support pursuits that are ethical, sportsmanlike and lawful, and allow harvest of whitetail deer in a manner that does not give the hunter an improper or unfair advantage. We do not feel trail cameras cross the ethical line

What happened here??

Flooding victim? EHD deer? Bigfoot??

Pic from the AL Hunting FB page….


1. DC: Big expansion of hunt/fish opportunities.

> …new and expanded hunting and fishing opportunities across more than 2.3 million acres at 97 national wildlife refuges and 9 national fish hatcheries. This proposed rule is the single largest expansion of hunting and fishing opportunities by the US Fish and Wildlife Service [ever].

2. WY: Gov’nor says please don’t come for sheds.

Season begins May 1:

> Gov. Mark Gordon asked residents of states like ID and UT to resist coming to WY to shed hunt to prevent interstate travel and to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The governor even called on anyone crossing over the state’s borders to self-quarantine for 2 weeks.

3. OR tells non-rez hunters/anglers to stay away.

4. Covid-19 tracker for state hunt/fish seasons.

States are continually updating seasons and regs, so check here and on your state’s DNR website to make sure you’re legal before going out.

5. Second Amendment Foundation sues 2 more states.

Got NJ to back down about closing firearms stores, now it’s MA and NM.

6. MN: Fewer doe tags for northern part of the state?

After a harsh winter.

7. NY town offering venison for families in need.

> More than 3,500 lbs of deer meat overall has been donated through the program.

8. SD man charged with poaching farm-raised buck.

Real nice deer, even for one that lived behind a fence. From the article:

> Dugan Traversie of White Horse, SD, charged with poaching a giant farm-raised whitetail buck last fall on a fenced-in big game ranch on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, has agreed to plead guilty in a deal with federal prosecutors.

> With his plea deal and the Lacey Act violation dismissed, he could serve only probation, if he pays restitution of $9,000 to the game ranch, according to court documents.

9. MO will have first elk “season” this year.

Not deer but interesting. But only 5 permits….

10. Check out Brownell’s quarantine $10K challenge.

Last day to enter might be TODAY:

> …enter by creating funny, entertaining or otherwise extraordinary 2nd-Amendment-related videos and posting them on their personal Instagram accounts between April 2, 2020, and April 16….

11. Zeiss is having spring promotions.


> Receive a FREE ZEISS Terra ED binocular with purchase of a ZEISS Victory SF binocular – representing up to a $500 retail value. Redemption of the Terra ED 8×42 or 10×42 will be at time of purchase.

12. Dan Thelen new Berger ammo president.

Had been GM.

13. MI looking into TB outbreak in wildlife lab.

> …half of the state’s 10 lab workers tested positive last year for the bacteria that cause lung disease.

14. Lyme disease is an epidemic?

> “Lyme disease is the 3rd-most common infectious disease out of 80 that the CDC keeps track of. It’s #3 in terms of the number of new cases each year, and…other tick-borne diseases that aren’t Lyme but are just like it.”

> All of this adds up to making tick-borne diseases in general, and lyme disease specifically, more of an epidemic than HIV is.

15. Prince Harry might quit hunting cuz his wife is an anti.

If so, that’s pretty lame….

Deer Disease News

Because of CWD:

> They’re considering a State-Wide ban on: Feeding deer, including using minerals or supplements [and] possessing and using deer attractants like natural urine or synthetics.

> Biologists tested more than 2,300 deer during the 2019-20 sampling season by collecting deer tissue samples across the state from hunters, meat processors, taxidermists, roadkills and deer showing symptoms of disease.

> …hunters would either leave the brain and spinal cord material from their game animal at the kill site or deposit them in one of the 29 class II landfills spread across the state.

Lotsa good videos, articles, other info about CWD.

New Stuff

1. 2 new 150th anniversary Marlins.

444 and Model 60-22 LR:

2. SIG Sauer new 300 BLK ammo.

300 BLK gettin’ more popular for short-range hunting:

> This load is ideal for use with a suppressor, which greatly reduces sound signature and muzzle flash, making it a favorite among hunters. Muzzle velocity is 922 fps and muzzle energy is 387 ft-lbs from a 16″ barrel.

3. 3D Leafy Jackets now available in Mossy Oak.

> Moisture management technology to help keep you cool, comfortable, and concealed…extremely lightweight yet rugged…1/2-zip front…kangaroo front zip pocket…and adjustable attached hood.

4. LaCrosse Alpha Agility Boot.

> Made to be lighter, more flexible and more comfortable than the traditional rubber boot, the 17″ Alpha is made of hand-laid rubber over a 5mm naturally insulated neoprene, ensuring durability and waterproofness.

5. Dryshod updated the Legend MXT Boots.

6. Check out the BOG Great Divide Tripod.

Not new but recently reviewed by

> We were always in search of the one unit that would function as a shooting rest in the field as well as a stable platform for our spotting scopes or cameras. We finally found one that met our requirements.

Gear of the Week

Killer Instinct’s new x-bow, the Boss.

You can easily pay north of $1,500 for a premium x-bow rig — more than a lot of folks wanna spend, so check out the new “Boss.” As American Hunter points out, it’s a lotta x-bow for just $350:

> With a velocity over 400 fps, the Boss 405 is a true game-getter. Fully adjustable to match a variety of hunters’ sizes, the 6-position buttstock can shorten or extend overall length, while the X-Lok foregrip is also adjustable.

> To aid accuracy, the bow features a Micro-Lite aluminum barrel, which also eliminates excess weight. Finally, the bow sports a noise-reducing, integrated Dead Silent Kit.

> The kit also ships with an illuminated LUMIX 4X32mm IR-W scope, three HYPR Lite bolts, a rope cocker, string suppressors, a three-bolt quiver and a stick of rail lube.

Other specs from the website: 134 ft-lbs of kinetic energy, 3.5-lb trigger, width of 14.75″ cocked and 18.75″ uncocked, weighs 6.7 lbs.

Worth checking out if you’re thinking about getting into the sport and don’t want to break the bank.

Tip of the Week

How to choose a hunting knife.

What kind of knife should I carry into the field? Ask 20 hunters and you’ll probly get 20 (or more) answers because picking the “right” knife depends on a lot of different things, especially how you’re gonna use your blade. C.J. Buck, head man of the legendary Buck Knives, breaks it down:

> First, you must decide between a fixed blade or folding blade. Fixed blades are heavy duty, easy to clean and easily accessed with a sheath. Folders are very safe — most lock open and won’t accidentally open in your pack or close on your hand.

> Skinner: Best suited for skinning game. The tip is narrow, while the wide curved belly gives a nice skinning sweep that aids in getting through thick layers. The downward-angled, more-blunt point makes it harder to make an accidental slice through the hide by mistake.

> Drop point: This blade is full-bellied with a strong, thick point for heavier tasks. It does not have the same belly width as the skinner and thus can be used as a general work knife. The top of the blade drops down toward the tip, which provides a nice thick tip and minimizes accidental puncturing while skinning.

> Clip: The front end of the blade is concavely ground to a crescent tip which makes it thinner with a sharper point. This shape provides good control for detail work and cutting in tight places. It is also well-suited for intentional punctures like new holes in your belt, etc. While the point of the blade is effective for detail work, it’s not as strong as the thicker points on drop points and skinners.

> Caping: Small slim blade, almost scalpel-like in shape. It has a mild drop point, with nearly a spear-tip shape that is used for the delicate removal of the hide of the face of a trophy animal. The shape makes caping knives perfect choices for birds and small game. Caping knives tend to be slim and very light-duty so they are not always the right choice if you only intend to carry a single knife.

> Guthook: The guthook is meant to “unzip” the hide and can be used as an amazing aid to skinning. It’s also used in opening the hide on the legs and helps avoid cutting into the entrails while gutting. Contact with the hide or hair of a fallen animal will dull a blade edge very quickly.

Did you know all that or do you just carry your favorite knife without thinking about it? If you want to try a new style, just a reminder that ALL Buck hunting knives are on sale THROUGH THIS FRIDAY, now including Paklites like these:

Hope you can take advantage of it….

Quote of the Week

“We let them see our dead animals, their blood and their lifeless bodies. We let them play with toy guns and now they know how to shoot BB guns. They practice ‘shooting’ the mounted animals in our home. Sounds like I’m a horrible mom, huh?”

Hunter and mom Carly Brasseux talkin’ ’bout what we all know is raisin’ ’em right! From a good post on all the reasons why it’s good to raise your kids with a love and respect for the outdoors.

Shot of the Week

Love this shot from @scottye4344 via @Midwest_Whitetails_1 — calls it the “$248 shed” lol:

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