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Oklahoma 200-incher! When you’re TOO obsessed, Best trailcam spots

Did you set your alarm??

Love the old-school alarm clock @lookin4deer! It’s Oct and that means that deer hunting has kicked off almost everywhere – time to get out there!! #stoked

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Today’s Top 5

OK archer drops a 200-incher….when it’s 90 degrees!

Check out that northeast OK TOAD shot by Jeff Booth! Jeff says he does most of his hunting during the Nov rut, but needed to set up a trailcam at his hunting lease, which happened to be the 2nd day of archery season. Figured he’d take his bow and sit a little, just in case…. (Info from — we can’t link it.)

> “I have never killed a good deer in Oct. We typically take the 2nd or 3rd week in Nov and stay in the woods 10 or 11 days. If we shoot a good one, that’s when it is.”

> …about 6:45 pm Booth was sitting in a deer stand on his lease when a small 7-point buck approached from the west. Moments later, a buck slightly bigger approached from the south.

> “I’m sitting there filming them and they start sparring. It’s crazy. It’s 90 degrees but they start hitting horns a little bit…. About 5 or 10 minutes this goes on and then they both jerk their heads up and look back to the southwest.

> “I can’t see that far in that direction, but I went ahead and grabbed my bow just in case. And that’s who walked in, that big one…just meant to be I guess.

> “I shot a deer about 2 years ago on the same farm…another non-typical. That deer grossed 191 inches and this deer is bigger. I am quite confident he is going to be over 200 inches. I don’t know how he couldn’t be. I am pretty confident he’s got 22 or 23 scoreable points.”

Hahaha! Seriously: Can’t wait to see what it’s scored….

RIDICULOUS king of mass killed in OH!!

Sounds like some are questioning whether this deer was wild or not. Not sure but either way for now just admirin’ that OH brute! Dhot from @OhioTrophyBucks.

Can we get TOO obsessed?

Yep guilty! Didn’t really think about being TOO obsessed til reading about deer nut Aaron Milliken of Whitetail Properties — from an OL post:

> That summer he captured trail-cam pictures of a 170-class buck in velvet, and he got to work carefully patterning the deer. He watched the buck in ag fields in the evenings, and identified its bedding and main feeding areas. He never got the right opportunity to hunt the buck during the early season…buck disappeared during the rut.

> “When he showed back up [on camera] in the late season, that’s when I kind of went crazy and got obsessed.” Milliken hunted for 12 days in a row, sitting from dark to dark. He put off work and skipped spending time with his wife and buddies. He devoted every waking hour to killing that deer. And when he finally did, he was more relieved than happy.

> “I was sick as a dog by then. I didn’t even take pictures of the buck after I shot it.”

> He came out the other side of that hunt with a new realization: Deer hunting is supposed to be fun, and it’s more fun when you share it. He’s since tempered his trophy-buck obsession, and instead focuses on bringing his wife and 4-year-old son along with him.

If that’s not you, you know at least one person who’s got it that bad — maybe TOO bad….

Gnarly, trashy TX Hill Country 12-pointer falls!

Congrats to one of our huntin’ buddies Will Cooper, who arrowed this niiiiiice 12-pointer on family land in TX Hill Country. Looking at how that buck fills up the back of the Polaris, it’s a big-bodied deer for that part of the world too.

Said it was the first 12 he’d ever shot. Was 21-23 yards away when he squeezed the release. Nice one dude!

“…if those of us who truly cherish this…fail to step up and get cracking…believe me when I tell you, all is lost.”

Ted Nugent soundin’ off as usual! More $$$ quotes from the wildman:

> It is painfully apparent that certain technological advances in the world have attracted more and more sedentary homebodies to avoid the great outdoors.

> We all know about the intentional dumbing-down of America by left-wing dingbats in academia, media, Hollywood and government to deny the necessity of annual hunting season harvests.

> The list of absurd rules and regulations ruining our sport across the country would take up an entire “Gone with the Wind” tome, and we all know what they are.

While we very much appreciate DNR biologists, tough to argue that last one….

Anyhow, someone said we’ll know the end is near when the alpaca worms show up:


1. ND: Hunters can buy unlimited doe tags.

State says deer #s are good:

> …1,930 remaining doe licenses available as concurrent season licenses — valid during any open season. The agency hasn’t used the tactic since 2011.

2. MN: Folks trying again to outlaw lead bullets.

Concerned about bird deaths, always the case when this comes.

3. NY: Tompkins County votes to allow rifles for deer.

Only ARs tho…KIDDING hahaha! Srsly: Still needs state approval, which might be tough in NY….

4. OK: Most hunting accidents due to treestands.

> “…quite a few events a year to where hunters have actually worn their harness improperly or they’ve not worn it at all and they’ve fallen out of their tree.

> “Once you clip in make sure your harness is tight. Some of these have a lead on the back. Make sure that it’s fairly tight as you are sitting not standing.”

> You want to use a rope to pull your weapon up to your stand so you are hands free when you are climbing up. “We’ve had a couple instances where someone is climbing up that ladder or tree steps, they’ve got a bow in their hand, and actually put an arrow through their leg or worst case their upper body, as they fall.”

Take your time and be careful deer folks….

5. MS folks sparring over deer dogs.

A tradition but apparently causing issues.

6. IL: Missing deer hunter found safe…eating acorns?

Gotta hear this story — involves a guy in Canada!

> A Silver Alert had been issued for Charles Egner who had last been seen Wed afternoon walking into the woods near Martinsville, IL, which is…across the border from Terre Haute, IN.

> A man who was hunting up in Canada got an alert on his phone that his trail camera in IL had a picture of a man on it. That man happened to be Egner. A mile east from the man’s cabin, Egner was found sitting on a log with his boots off eating a pile of acorns. A game warden walked up to Egner who asked, “Hey buddy, you got any water?”

Crazy! Glad he’s okay.

7. MI: Fire destroys state’s largest venison processor.

Thankfully sounds like no one was hurt:

> “The County Smoke House is a monument for our area. It draws people from all over the state.”

8. MN looking for hunt hosts for Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener.

> “Hunter hosts” will help promote MN’s deer hunting tradition and the Fergus Falls area by inviting visiting media and others to join their hunt. MN’s firearm deer season opens Sat, Nov 9.

9. New Ruger Hawkeye Hunter rifle.

> Based on the popular Hawkeye Standard…this new stainless steel rifle comes paired with a factory-installed picatinny rail and threaded barrel….

10. Hunting Made Easy drops a 3-person blind.

> …the HME 3-person ground blind provides ample room for multiple hunters or anyone who prefers a spacious blind for accommodating gear and making for a comfortable day afield.

11. Straight-walled cartridges making a comeback?Due to changed regs. Good OL post, lot of info.

12. UT: Some bowhunters not happy about baiting.

Muleys. One guy said:

> “Baiting is making bowhunting easy. It’s supposed to be hard.”

Well, not too hard….

13. Win a chance to hunt with Donald Trump Jr.

Link is at Sorry we can’t link it — due to tech stuff, NOT politics!

14. Watch out for scam hunting license websites.

ONLY buy online from state DNR sites. (Had a link for this one, won’t work….)

15. NY: Nice buck crashes hair salon.

This is crazy! Not only does a chunky wide-beamed buck literally crash into a salon in Long Island, NY, looks like it comes right off a busy street/sidewalk! Miracle that gal sitting by the window was okay:

Full vid here.

Headline of the Week

It might help hunters to have an attorney to interpret all the laws

About PA but could apply to every state….

CWD News

1. MT: First CWD case found in Yellowstone County.

> As a result, Montana FWP plans to establish a new CWD management zone that will include all of Yellowstone County as well as the portion of Big Horn County north of I-90 and west of the Bighorn River….

2. WI: 100 deer dead from suspected EHD outbreak.

> “When we’re finding dead deer next to a water source or getting reports of people being able to walk right up next to the deer and pet them, and we know [EHD] is in the county, we may not need to sample them.”

3. VA has high EHD due to drought.

> “Disease is transmitted by a little midge or biting gnat. Whenever there’s a drought, water levels fall and you get these mud banks, these sticky mudbanks, that’s just the perfect breeding habitat for these midges….”

4. MI warned deer hunters about EEE risks.

> “Hunters, like anyone else who is outside and exposed to mosquitoes, are potentially at risk of contracting EEE via mosquito bites.”

> …very tiny possibility of contracting EEE…when hunters field-dress an infected deer.

5. MI: No PFAS chemical danger in venison.

> …Consumption guidelines are not needed for deer harvested in Oakland County’s Proud Lake Recreation Area….

6. MN county will burn deer carcasses…

…to help prevent the spread of CWD.

Gear of the Week

Bear Archery joins 90% letoff crowd with EKO bow.

A 90% letoff means (theoretically) you’ll be able to hold at full draw with much less fatigue. Some swear by ’em but others feel huge letoffs sacrifice accuracy, power or both:

> With up to 90% letoff, the EKO Cam System allows the user to pick their preferred let off with four different positions at 75%, 80%, 85% or 90% at each draw length…can be made without the use of a bow press.

> …utilizes an all-new 3-track modular 2 cam system to create an Equalized Kinetic Orientation (EKO) for perfect cam synchronization with every shot. Each track is designed to help eliminate cam lean while producing precise, consistent performance.

> The Status EKO is included in Bear’s Legend Series, an exclusive dealer-only line of 5 ultra-competitive compound bows and will be offered at a retail price of $999.99. The Divergent EKO is included in Bear’s Main Line and will be offered at a retail price of $699.99.

Pricing seems reasonable. Not sure when they’ll be available.

Tip of the Week

Cheese! Best places to hang your trailcams.

Ted: Trailcam placement is as much an art as a skill. Pic ^ is from my own property. I hung a camera in this particular location to monitor who drives down our driveway, but over the past year it’s been one of my most-productive cams for capturing the local deer herd. I just happened to put this rig next to a popular transitional trail that for whatever reason, funnels deer.

Dumb luck is great — I live on it lol! — but if you want some better advice for trail camera placement, check

> Throughout the summer…in the antler-development stage and seeking the vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to grow their headgear. These are excellent locations at which to take inventory….

> Deer that live on one side of a fence but need necessities across it will negotiate the wires at the easiest location to do so. Look for a missing top or bottom strand. Also, look for locations where a tree or large limb fell on the fence and brought it down.

> Narrow kill plots situated en route to larger food sources can be productive trail camera locations. Bucks tend to stage in these more secluded foody hideouts until darkness canvasses the landscape. Generally, these are better locations at which to photograph and hunt bucks because their shape and design constricts deer through a narrow swath.

> A small pond or pool can be a dynamite location…. This is true during early season when temperatures are typically warmer, but it also goes for the rut [if] temperatures are unseasonably warm.

> My favorite trails to monitor with trail cameras are those that lead through a narrow terrain funnel. I also expect the trail to be blatantly obvious and daily traveled by deer. This way I know that I’ll be photographing many of the deer that use the area within one week’s time.

Quote of the Week

“Zombie deer roam 24 states in the US, sickened by a neurodegenerative disease that reduces them to stumbling, drooling creatures.”

– Well ain’t that great. That’s CNN wildly overstating CWD. Guess we have to ask: Is it fake news?? (Heehee!)

Shot of the Week

Sad…probably died from EHD. KY deer posted by @deannalucas. Breaks your heart when you have a card full of pics of him…. That disease seems to be hitting the South pretty heavy this year.

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