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What’s going on in deer hunting? “I heard that…did you see…check out this post….”

^ That’s pretty much the conversation we had with each other and maybe you have too. Maybe you or one of your buds stumble across a cool post or hear something interesting, but what’s really going on??

That’s what the DeerBlaster is here to do, to tell you – a SERIOUS deer-head – what’s going on! Huge racks, weird racks, CWD, hunting stories, whitetail news, tips, gear – all in one place! We hope you dig it. Either way lest us know at deernerds@deerblaster.com.

If you fish too, you’ll see that the DeerBlaster is a LOT like the BassBlaster and Target Walleye. The common thread among them all is fun/funny, informative and “learning,” plus a dude named Jay. Ted, Wade, Jay and a couple other guys make DeerBlaster happen – hope you dig it!

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