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“Chicken strips” 20-point, Bad weather hunting tips, Insane non-typ muley!

Today’s Top 5

LA hunter finally gets “chicken strips” 20-point.

Check out the wingspan on that Cajun king!! Joshua Jennings and his family have hunted that giant for the last couple years and last year had a few chances at him. LA Sportsman tells how it went down:

> “Last season the buck showed up 3 times when we had the opportunity to get him. The first time, my 2 sons and I were in the stand and around noon — my younger son, Jonah, who was 11 at the time, said he was starving and talked me into taking him to get chicken strips. [lol!]

> “We went and got lunch, and before we got back on the stand I checked my trail camera…30 minutes after we left, the buck had crossed the power line right of way we were watching.

> “The following day, I put Jonah on the stand hoping the big buck might show up, which he did. However, either Jonah was looking out the wrong window or was playing with his phone when my trail camera showed the deer crossing the line in front of the stand at 50 yards — Jonah never saw him.

> “…the 3rd encounter took place shortly thereafter…it was my dad’s birthday and I wanted him to have a chance at the buck. I told him to get on the stand overlooking the highline but he decided to sit on a different stand. You don’t have to guess what happened…my trail camera showed the deer crossing the line in front of the stand my dad was not in.”

This Halloween Joshua finally dropped him with his .300 ultra-mag. The buck had an inside spread of 23″ and 5″ bases. A Buckmaster scorer tallied him at 216 1/8″. Heck of a deer dude!

How ’bout this morning: trophy buck and 2 ‘yotes!

Have a day @dhurst! Thanks to @wildgamefreaks for sharing the story of Dustin’s magic morning at the IN family farm:

> Got out a little late today. As I got near my stand I noticed 2 coyotes coming toward me. (It’s still pretty dark at this point.) They see me…and keep coming toward me! I let them get within 30 yards and shot the first one.

> The other circled around and seemed like it was going to come toward me again. Coyote #2 down. (In my mind they were gonna eat me! Lol.) Went ahead and got in the stand.

> An hour later a little buck and this guy came through. I’ve been watching this deer for 3 years. Gave him the name “The Ghost” due to the first trailcam pic of him being in the dark and with fog. He looked like a ghost walking away from the camera.

> The antler on the ground is a shed of his from a couple years ago. Wanted to get it done during bow season but had to be patient. Soo much fun! God is Good!!!

Dustin’s a worship pastor too, check out his band here.

Is “Hank” the new TX record non-typ muley??

Okay we’re all about whitetails too, but man, lookit that sucker! That ain’t no ordinary muley!

Greg Simons tagged that massive non-typical absolute HOSS named “Hank” in far-west TX. The Dallas Morning News caught up with Simons for the story:

> The remarkable non-typical rack carries 27 scorable points — almost too thick to reach around in places — massive main beams upward of 27″ and an inside spread that may be as wide as 326/8″, depending how judges decide it should be measured. [!!!!]

> There won’t be an official B&C score on the big west TX buck until early Jan, after the antlers undergo a mandatory 60-day drying period. However, Simons, a veteran wildlife biologist, has green-scored the antlers conservatively multiple times. He believes the buck will gross around 290 and net in the mid- to upper 280s after deducts.

> The general mule deer season in the Trans-Pecos doesn’t get underway until Nov 29, but Simons’ lease is under a state-approved managed lands deer program that allows for an earlier opener. He shot the deer on the afternoon of Nov 4 [after]what turned out to be one of the most exciting spot-and-stalk hunts he has ever experienced.

Click here to get the full story of the hunt — took almost all day. Siiiiiiick deer Greg!

Boiled heads anyone??

Posted on Bassmaster pro @frank_talley’s Insta. Wonder how close his neighbors are lol.

Euro mounts are super cool, and you can save a few bucks with the DIY backyard boil. If you don’t know how to start, Brady Miller at has a great and thorough step-by-step guide.

Only pro tip he leaves out: this is a process best done when your sig O (and neighbors) is NOT around!

Photoshop of the week….

Lol! O’ course that’s the new Tesla Cybertruck “pickup.” Maybe you think it’s cool, these guys do too:

Lol! Us…not so much. @outdoor_obsessor did the graphic….


1. WI: 104-yr-old grandma tags her first deer!

Big congrats to Florence Teeters, the oldest person to ever purchase a deer hunting license in WI. Guess that means she’s the oldest person to ever shoot a deer in the state too:

> Mrs. Teeters…got the idea to get her first hunting license for this year’s gun deer season while sitting in the blind on her land in Price County with her son Bill during last year’s gun deer season.

> Not quite 2 hours into their wait, the spike buck appeared. “I tapped her on her knee, and I pointed,” Bill said. Mrs. Teeters smiled and nodded that she saw what her son saw. She waited, and when the time was right — she shot and got her first buck.

> “She was so excited and saying, ‘I got a buck! I got a buck!'”

Hope you get many more bucks, Mrs. Teeters!

2. MO: 19-point DOE shot.


3. PA: Saturday opener gets mixed reviews.

> “I didn’t want to see it start on Saturday. There’s more chance for accidents and more kids out there. I really don’t think people want to hunt on Saturday. That’s when everyone is out in the mountains, partying.

> “I think people are going to like it more because it’s another day to hunt. It’s going to be convenient because we’re going to have 3 extra days: 1 for archery, 1 for rifle and whatever the game commission decides for the other day.”

Also, Sunday hunting will start next fall. Hasn’t been allowed in PA in 337 years! Even back then it was like:


4. PA DNR investigating buck cruelty video.

Shows 2 people (don’t call ’em hunters) kicking and stomping an injured buck:

> The Game Commission is in the very early phase of the investigation, but they believe they know both people in the video. “We do have two suspects in mind, so far…. Indications are that one of them may be a juvenile.”

Not cool.

5. IN: New real-time deer harvest website.

Can’t link it, but here’s the addy:

6. MO hunters tag nearly 179,000 deer during Nov season.

Down from nearly 201K last year:

> 91,420 were antlered bucks, 17,237 were button bucks, and 70,279 were does.

7. WI: Opening weekend deer harvest down 27%.

> Wildlife officials cited the later timing of the season, relative lack of snow and high amount of standing crops for this year’s lower deer harvest.

8. MN: 20k fewer deer taken this year.

Probly can apply the same WI weather stuff to MN:

> The total harvest of deer statewide, including all permit types, is currently at 166,761 deer.

9. IL: 15% fewer deer taken during firearm opener.

Wow. Just over 50K deer harvested opening weekend — we’re sure some bigs are still out there!

10. MI: Yooper deer harvest up.

> 10 days into this year’s firearm deer hunting season, wildlife biologists…report an average 12% increase in the number of deer checked at stations across the region.

Sez 90% have been bucks….

Maybe that’s 1 reason why MI hunters have donated record amount of venison. 58K lbs which means 232K meals. #strong

11. NM: Wardens get tech to fight poaching.

The Mule Deer Foundation donated $7K worth of thermal imaging gear:

> “[Poachers] use thermal (imaging), being undetected. This puts us on a level playing field with them.”

12. More eye-poppers from around the webz.

Clockwise from top left:

1. How ’bout this 192-range northwest WI deer, posted by Deer & Deer hunting.

2. Deer brother Rob Flood sent us in this NICE 170-class IL bow buck he rattled in.

3. @shedaddiction shared this IA stud with ridiculously long brows.

4. Pro bass fisherman @drewbentonfishing “landed” this THICK 9-point — his “PB” in fishing terms (“personal best”).

5. Don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the points on this SD buck taken by Terry Fauth and shared by SD Big Bucks.

6. Congrats to Holly and thanks to OH Trophy Bucks for sharing this wide 10-point.

Send us your buck by replying to this email or at @deerblaster.official on Facebook and Instagram. Please include any details you have: state, area, points/score, weapon taken with.

13. NY: This ever happen to you??

Check out this wild ruffed grouse perching on a rifle:

Could see a spruce grouse doing that, but not a ruffie — crazy….

14. VA: Mattaponi and Pamunkey chiefs present a deer to Gov…

…during annual tax tribute ceremony. Pretty cool:

Deer Disease News

1. MI: CWD bait ban hurts feed stores.

> “…last year during hunting season, we would sell 18-19 tons of corn a week. This year, we’re lucky to sell 1 ton.”

2. TN: State senator wants CWD deer burned.

3. PA hunters can win prizes for getting deer CWD tested.

4. WY might start killing muley bucks to contain CWD.

New Stuff

1. Skin a buck QUICK with the Hide Ripper.

Guess if you’ve got a bunch of buds in a deer camp it might be worth the $400::

> The Hide Ripper is the quickest, cleanest, and easiest way to skin your deer. Simply skin the back legs or neck of the deer, hook on the ripper and lift the animal on one side while the hide is ripped off on the other.

2. TRUBall GOAT arrow release.

> A handheld model that can be used as a thumb-activated release or a true hinge-style, the GOAT is a win from the get-go.

3. More new stuff.

Savage Minimalist Rimfire Rifles

Nexgen Outfitters Whitetail Caddy Pack

> …has a structured base and back panel that allows you to easily pack a climber or hang-on treestand

ArcticShield Boot Insulators

HSS Heated Muff-Pak reviewed by

> …might be the best 60 bucks you’ll spend all season.

Gear of the Week

Savage 110 Classic Rifle

For the money, you can’t really do much better than the Savage 110 action. It’s smooth, solid and deadly accurate. And their Accutrigger redefined what a factory trigger could be.

Now Savage is going back to the future with the 110 Classic. It’s an actual walnut-stocked rifle, what rifle stocks USED to be made of, hence the name “Classic.”

Ballistic Mag reviewed it and — spoiler alert — they dug it:

> …this might be the most attractive bolt-action Savage has ever built. The rifle features a classy walnut stock with modern ergonomics similar to those you’ll find with the new Model 110 designs.

> The 110 Classic’s stock is fully adjustable length-of-pull and comb height by virtue of pushing a couple of buttons to raise the cheek piece or extend the butt pad…also features Savage’s user-adjustable AccuTrigger, which ranges from 1.5 to 6 lbs of pull weight.

Not sure about “pushbuttons” in a pretty walnut stock, but they don’t look too bad:

> As with the other models in the 110 family, the Classic wears a carbon steel barrel. Savage threads the muzzle at 9/16-24. Its 3-position safety allows safely unloading while still engaged.

> Some manufacturers sacrifice performance for aesthetics — that is not the case with Savage. The 110 Classic in .308 Win casually punched steel at 400 yards….

The Classic comes in all the calibers you’d expect, and the MSRP is just shy of $1K, which means you can prolly find it cheaper if you look a bit.

Tip of the Week

Couple tips for hunting in lousy weather.

Heading out to hunt deer in heavy rain or high winds isn’t a heckuva lotta fun…for most of us, anyhow. And deer don’t like it much either. But that doesn’t mean they’re not huntable in bad weather. Game & Fish had a few good tips on how to actually make bad weather work in your favor:

> …deer will move, just not necessarily in the same places they will on calm or dry days. Rain and wind are normal occurrences in the life of a deer. They impact the movements of deer but don’t change their lives.

> …rain at the leading edge of a cold front can result in a period of increased deer movement just prior to the front. Heavy downpours limit deer movement, but when the rain slows to a drizzle I want to be in the stand.

> Rain reduces the ability of deer to use their sense of hearing to detect danger: the rain itself is noisy and makes it harder for deer to sort out sounds that might indicate danger. Scent detection is also impaired. That leaves vision as a primary defense, and that’s why I like open areas and edges for deer movement during a rain.

> Moderate-to-heavy winds reduce a deer’s ability to hear danger. The swaying of trees and other objects impacts a deer’s vision in dense woods. So, hunting open areas and edges where deer do have some benefit of sight protection against predators is one potential remedy.

> If the land has some topographic relief, you can often improve the odds by getting into a creek bottom or hollow where the wind is buffered. Deer work these areas because their hearing is improved and objects move less than in the open-wind areas.

> Experience has taught me to invest in the good [rain] gear. It’s worth it if you’re serious about deer hunting.

Totally agree on that last one. You get what you pay for….

Quote of the Week


“We were just lucky the good Lord above took care of us. I’ve been on my knees ever since.”

Colby Williams talkin’ — he was briefly kidnapped by a cartel when he was deer hunting in Mexico.

You hear about all the violence south of the border, but Colby and his hunting buddy Donald Chapman lived it over the Thanksgiving weekend. Thankfully everything turned out okay.

For sure some HUGE deer in MX but…would you risk it? Not sure we would…plenty of deer right here….

Shot of the Week

Very cool “dirt nap” shot posted by @trailcamguy:

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