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Obese buck mystery solved, Insane Brewster antler stats, Blind safety

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420-lb (!!!) buck mystery solved. 

Bet you’ve seen that obese monster somewhere before. It’s been floating around the interwebz for almost 10 years. Yep it’s real — got shot at a WI high-fence deal called Wilderness Whitetails. The owner said at the time:

> “Yes, it is a legitimate buck. I mean, we are a high-fence operation, I want to be clear about that, but this is a real buck. It was taken last September and weighed 420 lbs live-weight. The heaviest deer that’s ever been shot on our place.”

Ya think?? Word is those deer go here 3x a week:

Lol! Weirdest part:

> “[The hunter] was so pumped, he just went nuts. He was kissing the deer.”

Be AMAZED at the stats of the Brewster Buck. 

North American Whitetail breaks down how ginormous this IL freak show is. Not sure I could even get my bow drawn if this toad walked under my stand:

> Imagine being a bowhunter with only one archery buck to your name, and then arrowing a buck that scores over 190 — counting just one side of his rack.

> Let’s start with the “smaller” side of the rack…totaling 118 4/8. Doubling it and adding the buck’s inside spread of 20 2/8 would yield a gross score of 257 2/8. Even that number would put him among the top bow bucks in IL history, as well as one of 2018’s best from anywhere — bow or gun.

> The Brewster buck’s 26-point left antler is what truly launches him into the stratosphere. It has a 62 6/8″ 4-point typical frame, plus 22 non-typical points…total an unprecedented 128 4/8″, bringing the left antler’s gross score to 191 2/8. That number makes it the highest-scoring wild whitetail antler ever, from anywhere in the known universe.

Awesome read about what might be the greatest buck of all time ever.

What checking for CWD looks like. 

MI researchers are testing 30,000 deer heads for chronic wasting disease. Check this insane vid of how they do it:

A little taste:

How ’bout a Jamaican vacation…to hunt whitetails?? 

If someone asked you to imagine what was illegal in Jamaica, would you say deer-hunting? Info from this post:

> Efforts by American Tom McIntyre to get a definitive answer from Jamaican authorities to his request to organize hunts to cull the whitetail deer, an alien invasive species, have yielded little results.

> The whitetailed deer…have no natural predators and are spreading fast…estimate of the population is more than 6,000 deer in the wild in Jamaica.

Weird to see whitetails referred to as an “alien invasive species.” If it becomes legal, might be a good excuse to plan a vacation with the wife….

Winner of TX deer-hunting contest…didn’t have a license. 

He had a fishing license, but not a hunting license…from here:

> Game wardens assigned to monitor Webb County’s annual Muy Grande deer contest were making routine license checks on hunters who turned in trophy bucks…one lucky hunter turned in bucks that won both the 1st and 2nd place trophies.

> “The hunting license check revealed that the hunter only possessed a valid ‘Resident Year-From-Purchase All Water Package’ fishing license, not a hunting license….”

> “Turns out the hunter had recorded in the harvest log his hunting license number from the previous year.”

Game wardens seized the deer from a taxidermist….


1. DC: Senate green-lights public lands package.

The Natural Resources Management Act was passed this week in the Senate 92-8. Thoughts from @MeatEater on what it all means:

> …includes permanent reauthorization of the popular Land and Water Conservation Fund, 1.3 million acres of new wilderness, 4 new national monuments, 367 miles of wild and scenic rivers, 42,000 acres added to the National Parks system…and expanding hunting, fishing and shooting on public lands.

> The outdoors community certainly has cause to celebrate the long-fought victory of getting this legislation through the Senate, but the true battle may be yet to come with debate in the House.

2. The flip side is making sure public land stays public.

A great post and vid. You involved? You oughta be:

> You’ve likely seen and heard plenty over the past couple years about the threat of a transfer or sale of America’s public lands. It was a dangerous idea, and hunters, anglers and other outdoorsy folks made a lot of noise about it.

> The good news now is that we as a community have done such a good job speaking out against these proposals that the idea has started to lose steam.

> Now, instead of a direct sale or transfer of public ground, these anti-public land advocates are seeking out new…ways to undermine the integrity of our public real-estate.

> We’ve got to stay squeaky. Stay informed…sign the petitions…and speak up.

3. WA considering no antlerless deer in ’19.

4. MD hunters harvested 11% less last season.

Blamed on poor weather.

5. NE may open up farm deer a week early.

> The idea arose from two related trends: a rising deer population in some areas of the state and a decline in land that’s available to hunters. Farmers who allow hunting on their property are increasingly selling exclusive access to wealthy hunters who pay thousands of dollars so they can bag a trophy buck.

6. UT has an online shed-hunting course.

Probly not a bad idea for all of us to take it:

> “During winter, big game animals, especially deer, often have a difficult time finding food. If you spook an animal and cause it to run, the animal has to use up fat reserves and energy it needs to make it through the winter.”

> Fortunately you can gather shed antlers without stressing the animals or damaging their habitat…. After you finish the course…you must print your certificate of completion and then carry it with you….

Gear of the Week

Ever heard of hunting saddles?

A new one for me. Hadn’t heard of using “saddles” for deer hunting til a buddy talked about it. A good intro to it from

> This was our first year using a saddle and going into it we had tons of reservations. Could we shoot out of one? Was it comfortable? Is it safe?

> Our favorite was the Tethrd Mantis. It’s the lightest way to hunt from a tree that I’m aware of AND it’s comfortable. Coupled with the platform, it’s the ticket for mobile hunting.

> Shooting out of one was not a big deal but I’d recommend practicing in the yard before heading to the woods.

They really liked the Tethrd saddle and platform. Here’s kinda what that looks like — while you’re waiting:

Here’s a good intro vid about using it hunting:

Tip of the Week

Great blind safety tips…from experience.

Words of wisdom from the legendary Larry Potterfield — things we should all consider:

> My interest in improving deer blind safety was brought about by a personal accident in Oct of 2017. I fell 10′, from the landing, breaking my left femur.

> We made 3 “improvements”…we hope will help prevent another fall. First, we installed a second handrail to the 10-step ladder — it bolted right on.

> Second, we installed stair nosing/edging to the steps and the landing — using self-drilling screws.

> Third, we added a heavy-duty door-pull to the inside of the door, to provide a grip for the left hand after it leaves the handrail — when stepping up and into the blind. The door-pull is large enough to accommodate a gloved hand.

> It’s important to have a solid approach to getting our gear up the stairs and into the blind, and then back down. We should have nothing in our hands! Backpacks and carry straps can be very helpful, and sometimes we might need to make a second trip up the steps, or use a rope.

Quote of the Week

“My friend was eating a honeybun right before we saw the bears…. We were actually both eating a honeybun.”

– Think that’s crazy, how ’bout this from the same post:

> He just climbed up it like a human. I was kind of in awe it happened so fast. He got 2 ft from my foot. I didn’t think to yell at him until he was in my lap.”

In…your…lap?? Happened in MS, where the “Teddy bear” was born so…maybe the bears there are a lot friendlier?

Actual shot from the “encounter:”

Shot of the Week

Lookit this Mexican BEAST of the week! Believe it was wild? Posted by Mesquite Thorn Outfitters, no details other than it was shot south of the border:


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