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New world record velvet buck? Cactus antler buck!! Great bowhunting nuggets

Lol! Nothing like a big ol’ cold front from Canada to the Gulf Coast to get the deer a-movin’. @Hunting_thee_Outdoors ^ has it right!

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Today’s Top 5

New world record velvet buck?

Check out that HUUUUUUUGE 8-pointer shot by Jeffery Majors on Friday the 13th…of Sept. Jeff said he’s been hunting the same 127-acre farm in western KY since he was 12 — pretty cool! Been tracking this deer since 2015, but didn’t get a shot at him til now. F&S got the deets:

> “It was hot, 95 degrees….” The stand is near a creek, and Majors watched as a 4-point buck eased in…got a drink from the creek, and bedded down. “He was doing that for hours, back and forth.

> “Around 5:30 I looked down the creek, and the big 8-pointer just stood up, 80 yards away. He’d been laying there the whole time. He walked down the creek to where the 4-point was.

> “I was torn up, nervous, and shaking. He was by far the biggest deer I’ve ever had within range. I watched him for an hour and a half. He was lying in the ditch, facing straight away from me. The 4-pointer kept bouncing back and forth, but the big 8-pointer wouldn’t move.

We’re readin’ this like:

> At 6:45, two does trotted in. Majors’ stand is a lock-on, 18′ up — just low enough…to get busted. Sure enough, one of the does looked right up at him. “She blew, and ran right at the buck. The other doe took off in the other direction. I thought, Well, I’m done. But he just laid there….”

> …at about 7 pm the deer stood and began walking right toward the stand. “He was just 20 yards away, but facing me. I’d come to full draw, and he stopped and looked right at me. I’m pretty sure he saw me.” …he put the pin on top of its shoulder, toward the neck crease, and released.

He found him pretty close:

> “…I knew he was big, but up close, his body size was incredible. He weighed 220 lbs field-dressed. He was like a deer from Canada. His body was so big, it made his rack look small.”

> The buck grossed 183 6/8 Pope & Young, and should net 169 6/8 as a typical — he has 3 kickers plus a split G2.

> The Buckmaster’s Whitetail Trophy Records system (BTR) takes into account all measurable antler — no deductions — but doesn’t include the inside spread. On that system, the buck scores 171 4/8 (and 191 with the spread included), which is good enough for BTR to declare it the new world record typical in the velvet category.

Giant props to ya Jeff for the deer of a lifetime!

OK bowhunter shoots a gnarly-antlered…doe??

Rare but it happens:

> …Chris Blades…in Seminole County when he harvested what he initially suspected to be “an extremely non-typical buck” that was, in fact, biologically female.

> “While it is very rare, we do see one or two antlered does harvested each year. It is caused by a hormonal imbalance.”

Definitely must be a SERIOUS imbalance!

Check these 2 upstate NY TOADS.

Coupla real nice bucks taken by different hunters less than 60 miles apart. Ever notice that some places just start kicking out with big bucks in one particular week?

That wide and high 16-pointer was taken by Danny LaCrosse of Canandaigua. Got his first look at this “King of the Forest” at 6 pm one day, when the deer gave him a 40-yard broadside shot. He missed. We’d be like:

Lol! BUT:

> “Over the next 10-15 minutes of being lost in my thoughts of both happiness because I got to see him and sadness because it squandered my opportunity of a lifetime, I hear a twig snap underneath me.”

> This time the buck offered a shot quartering away at 20 yards…lined up the pin and took another shot…around 9 pm…found the buck barely 15′ into the woods.

> “No one gets second chances like that. Why I did, I’ll never know.”
Nice dude! Here’s the next hoss:

That ^ was downed by 18-yr-old Zach Grazioplene of nearby Oakfield, NY. A little luck in that one too:

> “I got to my treestand and everything was going wrong. I had to fix [it] to get in there.” …starting to second-guess hunting in the rain.

> “Within an hour…doe everywhere and I hear a ‘snap’ behind me to the left. Suddenly…3 bucks coming through the trees…about 45′ from me at the time.”

> …the biggest one raised his head and Grazioplene admits he was stunned. But he kept his cool and executed.

> “I had a opening about 25 yards away, I had to draw back before I missed my chance. I slowly drew back and not one of them heard me. So I yelled at him to stop, he looked at me and I watched the arrow hit him perfectly. He ran 50 yards and I watched him drop.”

He thinks the 11-pointer is a 180-class deer. The base of the antlers measures a mass-tastic 6.5″! Could put him in the NY top 10 typs….

Git er done deer cart? Or gunfire magnet?

Uh…both? @Cervicide on the ‘Gram:

> This is how my Dad and I get to our public land spots quickly and quietly. I bike In 2 miles with an Xstand Ultra Light Climber and bow strapped to the back. If we take a deer, we gut it, set it on the seat and tie it down so the legs don’t catch any moving parts. Then walk it out. It has been a life-saver.

Kinda brilliant and for sure practical but as folks commented on that post, BLANKET that thing in blaze orange! Head and body. Also probably best to only it use in archery season, and never on public land.

Raise your hand if this has happened to you.

Dang vine! Posted by @bowhuntingdotcom.


1. IL: Youth and bowhunter harvests up so far.

2. UT: Apply for 2020 sportsman permits starting Oct 23.

3. NE has an antlerLESS deer hunter database…

…to connect landowners with those hunters.

4. Women account for more new hunters.

> Hunting participation is declining in America, dropping from 13.5 million in 2011 to 11.5 million in 2016. …the percentage of female hunters held steady at about 11%…women seemed to account for higher percentages of new hunters.

Love it! #girlpower

5. PA: Check out this life-sized deer weddin’ cake!

When you know a marriage is starting off right:

6. QDMA lookin’ for director of biz and field ops.

7. New ScentLok Bowhunter Elite parka and bib.

For cold-weather sits:

> Both…are finished with a flexible brushed-fleece shell fabric that is fully water- and windproof, along with ScentLok’s proprietary Carbon Alloy technology for odor adsorption.

8. .450 Bushmaster good for MI deer.

Lot of good detail in that post:

> The .450 Bushmaster round possesses a rather flat trajectory out to 200 yards, and with proper holdover…will plunk the bullets right into the bulls-eye at 300 yards, and with some real decent punch too.

9. Some of us are digging this stock.

As seen on the Ruger Mini-14 Ranch — what do you think?

10. New air crossbow (sorta).

Air Venturi and Steambow partnering — sounds intriguing:

> First to be released is the ONYX, the industry’s first and only one-push cocking (OPC) crossbow. The ONYX features collapsible limbs for easier transport and an arrow speed of up to 330 fps.

> …the biggest differentiator is the one-push cocking system powered by a refillable high-pressure air tank — a simple touch of a button can cock and decock the unit, thus erasing the safety concerns associated with a traditional crossbow.

11. New Bowtech The Reckoning 38 target bow.

Has the new DeadLock cams and components:

12. State Farm’s new deer collision probability map.

Top 3 states are WV, MT and PA — surprised about MT:

> New data shows U.S. drivers on the average have a 1 in 116 chance of a collision…estimates there were over 1.9 million animal collision insurance claims in the U.S. between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

13. WV hunters donating lots of venison.

To folks in need — props to our WV deer bros:

> In 2018, hunters once again stepped up to the challenge, donating 685 deer to the program, resulting in 24,378 lbs of venison. Overall, hunters have donated 26,387 deer, or nearly 1.4 million meals, to families and individuals throughout WV.

14. OR: Elk are one reason for fewer muleys.

Not whitetails but interesting:

> …increasing competition from elk and an increasing number of predators…. Elk tend to push the deer toward roads.

15. Buckeye Firearms AR-15 giveaway.

Props to ’em:

> Buckeye Firearms Association to raffle off AR-15 in response to Beto O’Rourke during presidential debate.

$2,875 total value of the package, more info here.

Deer Disease News

1. MN landfill won’t take CWD deer carcasses.

Was supposed to be to help get rid of CWD but:

> …Crow Wing County landfill manager, refused to accept any infected deer. He said he’s worried prions could seep out of the carcasses and infect the surrounding soil and eventually more animals.

> …hunters in some areas now must drive 80 miles to get rid of their deer bones and many simply toss the bodies in ditches or smuggle them into prohibited landfills disguised as household trash.

Gotta make disposal easy or….

2. WI study confirms bleach kills CWD prions.

On metal surfaces:

> The old recommendation was to use a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water and soak for an hour. The new recommendation is to use a 40% solution and soak for 5 minutes.

3. WI DNR reminds hunters of baiting and feeding ban.

The ban covers 52 counties.

Gear of the Week

Havalon Piranta Edge knife.

You’ve worked all pre-season to grow and evaluate your deer. You’ve put in food plots and mineral licks, cut trails, hung stands and prepped your gear. Thanks to all that hard work you put a whitetail on the ground, and….

We all know you need a good knife — one that’s reliable and that’ll break that carcass down quick. says the Havalon Piranta is just that, and while it’s not a new blade we’re surprised how many hunters still don’t really understand how it works:

> It cannot be considered an actual knife, at least not in the traditional sense…definitely not an all-purpose knife that you can use in a plethora of situations, so it won’t help you if you have to build a fire, for example. On the other hand, it is one of the most effective choices for tasks such as field dressing or skinning….

> …removable blades, you can simply throw the dull one away and replace it with a new one, therefore making sure that you skin the animal in an effective manner.

> The overall length…is 7.25″…due to its ergonomically molded handle, you can surely hold it comfortably in your hand whether you have smaller or bigger hands. The easy grip black rubber inlay….

> …a proprietary liner-lock design. This feature has been specially engineered so as to add further rigidity….

> …while it might not be a typical choice, it is a dependable one since you will never be without a knife that is razor-sharp….

> …shipped with 12 additional stainless steel blades as well as a sheath….

Gotta point out these knives can be found for $40 or less, so not much of a reason not to try one.

Tip of the Week

Great bowhunting nuggets from a deer nut.

OL talked to VA bowhunter Taylor Chamberlin who has 500+ bow kills. Had some nuggets in there. Before you get the wrong idea:

> …special antlerless season in areas with overabundant deer that expands the season to 7 months. On top of that…helps local farmers who have crop damage permits.

> After 11 seasons, he has spent close to 2,000 hunting days in the field…. “I don’t focus on numbers as far as putting a notch in my hat. I’m taking an animal’s life and whether that is the first deer of the season or the 120th, I don’t want to be disrespectful to that animal because it only had one life.”

Now a few nuggets — post is worth a full read:

> “I like to set my arrow height so that the bottom of the arrow shaft goes through the center of the berger hole because I find that most bows hold a little steadier for me like that. Then I set my center shot at 13/16 inches for my Mathews.”

> …jumps into paper tuning with a bare shaft…without fletching. The theory behind this…because fletching helps stabilize an arrow in flight, it can hide slight tuning errors. “You can’t just shoot an arrow shaft without fletching because you have to account for the weight of the vanes. I weigh out a piece of electrical tape that weighs the same as my vanes and wrap that on the back of my arrow shaft.

> “I want a deer that is slightly quartering away, has their near side leg forward, is calmly feeding, and about 14 yards away. I always aim for the exit. I’ve found that aiming for the exit is the best way to always put your pin in the right spot, and I want that arrow to exit right at the shoulder pocket.”

> He watches the arrow impact the deer because that provides critical information for the next steps. “It’s important to know exactly where you hit the deer because it’ll help you determine how and when to track that deer.”

Quote of the Week

“I couldn’t even feel my arms after I shot…. I couldn’t even talk to him. I was stuttering, I couldn’t get it out.”

17-yr-old deer brother Hunter G talkin’ to LA Sportsman ’bout taking this LA 8-pointer with 2 kickers that bump the rack to more than 151″:

Nice! Full quote about the second part above:

> Greer called his dad after the shot, but couldn’t really tell him much about what had just happened. “I couldn’t even talk to him. I was stuttering, I couldn’t get it out,” he said. “He was just like, ‘I already know. Come to the house.'”

Proud dad we’re sure!

Shot of the Week

WTHeck?? This alien-lookin’ deer showed up on the Sportsmen Party FB page, supposed to be a recently shot KS buck. We made a couple inquiries to the state, but so far no one knows the location or sitch. Keep you posted if we hear anything.

Few great comments on the post:

> That rack honestly looks like its extremely painful for the deer to carry around.

> …the poor dude who was to measure that mess….

> It’s a bloomin’ onion head!

> Looks like he was trying to do a man bun.

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