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Big does DO equal big bucks, Whitetails now in Alaska? Longer-range levers

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Big does DO produce big bucks…


…and other whitetail reproductive tidbits from a recent Mississippi State U study. The deer lab at MSU is one of the best sources of scientific info on whitetails, period:
> …larger more-dominant does produce larger fawns, partially because the more-fit big doe dominates the choicest terrain and best pickings at the food source.
> If that alpha doe produces the biggest fawn, and therefore the largest does and bucks down the line, maybe our old reflex notion of shooting the biggest [doe] is counterintuitive, and not so wise or even practical.
> Fawns vary in size for other reasons too, one being they often have different fathers. DNA research has shown that over 25% of wild twins and triplet whitetails have different sires.

Whitetails and muleys are now in AK??!!


Sitka blacktail always will be king in AK. But whitetails and muleys are now up there?? Crazy! The AK DNR even had to put that graphic out ^. More:
> …they’re colonizing…starting in areas proximate to the Canadian border, where whitetails and mule deer are known to live.
> …Dept of Fish and Game doesn’t know why these deer are migrating or what they’re bringing with them. They’re concerned…may bring in wasting disease or ticks.
> Since the [state] is eager to learn more about these populations, it’s open season on all mule deer and whitetails. Koch asks that hunters send photographs and samples….

How to read ag to find deer.


If you hunt near ag — corn, soybeans, wheat, whatever — NA Whitetail has some advice on how to make crops work to your advantage…such as:
> The older a plant gets, the less digestible it becomes due to fiber formation. [Total digestible nutrients = TDN = nutritional value.]
> Most of the time I view summer corn for the structure or cover it provides, not its food value. Alfalfa is usually mowed or chopped for silage about every 30-40 days, and deer use will typically peak about 2 weeks into a fresh growth cycle, when TDN of the plant is superior. A common summer crop rotation not to be overlooked is the harvesting of winter wheat and the planting of double-crop beans.
> [In Sept] the TDN of brown soybeans drops off. Corn dries up. It appears the big bucks are all gone, but they aren’t — they’re just lollygagging in the timber, eating greenbriar and falling mast, including white oak acorns and persimmons.
> Around the rut, ag practices and crop rotation don’t seem to have a huge impact on bucks…but they affect the does. So if you can find where does are feeding out in the open, a mature buck is apt to get himself killed walking about in daylight scent-checking them.

Here’s one we wish we’d see this fall!

From @tecomatelaperla‘s (TX) Insta — dang!


1. Walmart stops playing hunting vids in stores.

> “Review your store for any signing or displays that contain violent images or aggressive behavior. Remove from the salesfloor or turn off these items,” the memo reads. “Turn off any hunting season videos that may be playing in Sporting Goods, and remove any monitors or displays that show the videos.”
> It’s unclear if this is permanent or temporary, but earlier this week CEO Doug McMillon said the company would have a “thoughtful and deliberate”response to recent events. …spokeswoman Tara House said the latest action was done “out of respect for the incidents of the past week.”

2. Vid: Don Kisky arrows an IA brute at 10 paces.

Whitetail freak Don Kisky is one heck of a deer hunter. he consistently tags 170-plus free-range corn-fed bucks. What’s more impressive is he often self-films his hunts. I have a hard enough time remembering my pre-shot routine — I can’t imagine making sure cameras are rolling, focused, and pointed in the right direction.
> “Here’s the deal with what happened. I wanted to spot for blood before I went to get the buggy and Kandi. So I tracked blood for a little ways. Great blood spraying out. I walked up to the edge and jumped the dang buck. That’s after I waited almost an hour.
> “Obviously, it wasn’t double-lunged. I think it was single lung and liver. So we made the decision last night to not push the deer again.”
See how his hunt plays out here — free registration required.

3. VT might change deer limits.

> …would increase the number of deer a hunter can harvest…from 3 to 4 — but…reduce the number of bucks a hunter can kill, from 2 down to 1.

4. WV hunters still want buck limit lowered.

From 3 to 2.

5. FL uncovers alleged poaching group.

According to the article:
> …hunting deer out of season, alligators without permits and protected gopher tortoises among several other species.
> Officials said gopher tortoises would sell for about $25 per animal, while larger animals like deer would range from $100 to $300.

6. CO State Trust Lands are confusing.

Sounds like they’re not public, not private, not huntable…maybe changing….

7. New Sig Sauer Elite Hunter Tipped ammo.

Comes in 8 loads:
> …a yellow-tipped, lead-alloy bullet with an enhanced boat tail design for superior flight characteristics over a wide range of velocities.

8. New Thiessens hunting gear coming.


1. MN: New DNR director says CWD is “a big threat.”

> Harvesting an animal and using it is a really important tradition. Deer hunting is also hugely important to the state economy. CWD threatens all of this and we’re taking it very seriously, attempting to limit its spread as best we can.
And here’s a peek inside MN’s only CWD testing lab.

2. MT offering 600 licenses for Libby-area CWD hunt.

They also found another CWD deer there.

3. NY proposing anti-CWD reg changes.

Several have to do with importing deer and moose parts into the state.

4. NV says: Keep out-of-state deer out.

> It is now unlawful for you, your agent or employee to knowingly bring into NV or possess the carcass or any part of the carcass of certain animals including, without limitation, of any elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, moose, reindeer, caribou or fallow deer which were obtained in another state, territory or country.
NV’s like:

5. CWD testing still takes too long.

6. CWD miracle cure couldn’t come fast?

> Reports state that Dr. Frank Bastian will have a vaccine for CWD on deer farms within 2 years. …Dr. James Kroll pointed out that this is impossible because before a vaccine is registered, there must be data on its safety and effectiveness. That plus other licensing protocols will take years.

Gear of the Week

There’s just something about a lever action rifle. Nostalgic for sure, so much so that these days most deer hunters think a lever gun is best for short range “brush gun” type shots. That’s probably true for a lot of 30-30 cal rifles. But don’t sell this platform short for longer-range whitetail opportunities.
Henry Rifle — one of the oldest manufacturers of lever rifles — offers the “Long Ranger,” which is a unique take on an old design. Here’s a great review of it:
> …Long Ranger is a lever gun, but one capable of firing 6.5 Creedmoor, .223, .243, .308 and .338 rounds.
> Instead of a tubular magazine, the Long Ranger has a detachable box magazine. The result is a rifle with classic lever gun looks that is accurate to 200 and 300 yards and beyond.
> Some models come with iron sights, some don’t. All come with Skinner scope mounts that fit the drilled and tapped alloy receiver. Also included with the rifle is an ambidextrous hammer extension so that you can cock the gun even with a scope on.
> I tested it using a variety of ammunition, including 125 grain full metal jacket practice rounds, 140 grain lead soft point rounds and 120 grain ballistic tip rounds. Henry doesn’t promise minute of angle accuracy with the Long Ranger, meaning the ability to group all of its shots at 1 inch at 100 yards. But it came pretty close.
> My best groups measured almost exactly 1″ at that distance. All my groups taken together…averaged less than 1.6″ or so.
Check out the full review here.

Tip of the Week

The beginning of deer season is GREAT but…sometimes sitting still in a hot stand sucks. Sweat’s rolling, bugs are swarming, it’s hard to see anything through the leafed-out trees.
Yep, I’m whining but — it’s not keeping me out of the woods. Since we can’t beat the heat, Mossy Oak has some tips on how to fight the inevitable:
> …take advantage of modern clothing…made with moisture-wicking lightweight materials that keep the hunter cool and dry throughout the hunt.
> Excessive movement is the biggest factor in overheating…[which] mainly occurs when going to one’s stand or blind. …route to his or her stand should be the quickest, with the least number of obstacles, such as steep hills. This again eliminates over-exerting the body, which keeps the body cooler when it is time to hunt.
> …my daypack often contains a couple bottles of water or…some type of sports drink to help stay cool and hydrated throughout the hunt.
> Part of my hunt ritual consists of spraying down multiple times before, as well as throughout the hunt, with a scent-eliminating spray….

Quote of the Week

“…I didn’t take an assault weapon with me to a deer hunt, and I didn’t take my deer hunting rifle to…Iraq and Afghanistan, because they’re very different weapons.”
– Former Army Ranger and CO Rep. Jason Crow talkin’ about you know what. Not takin’ a position on it, just quotin’ the guy…a deer hunter….

Shot of the Week

Getting last season’s buck back from the taxidermist is always an awesome feeling. Imagine the feeling ifit’s the WORLD RECORD??? Luke Brewster just posted his Numero Uno mount on his ‘gram and I gotta say, it’s incredible. Congrats dude!
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