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Today’s Top 5

Dillon Boone drops (double-drops?) “Double D.”

BEAUT of a double drop tine (so “Double D”) shot by Dillon Boone, not sure where? Got that 203 3/8 BTR score deer from the GROUND — with his bro Taylor just 5 yards away! Buckmasters:

> “I thought it was a bad idea, but I agreed to give it a try. We set up early, only 5 yards apart. I leaned my back against a big tree.

> “I looked over to my left and saw the right side of Double D’s rack. He was about 35 yards away. He was right on top of us. I got Taylor’s attention and just gave him a big-eyed look.

> “I slid up the tree to a standing position. The buck stopped right in an opening… If I had shot another 100 times, I could not have put a better shot on him!”

Guessin’ the wind musta been amazingly on point cuz 2 dudes that close are gonna be puttin’ out some stank! Not to mention movement…. Great shot and congrats Dillon!

Is this the biggest drop tine ever?

Hard sayin’ fer sher, but gotta be up there. Whitetail Rendezvous’ FB says it was taken by “Mr. Rooster” in WY. They call him the Boot Buck because…lookit that big ol’ thing hangin’ off his left beam!

Little Googlin’ says the deer measured 191 3/8, but the score iain’t the point with that ridonculous earring! Anybody know the story of “Mr. Rooster” and this magnificent buck? Not sure if this dude was involved or what:

179-inch WI deadhead!!!

Some guys just know how to find sheds — sorta like Easter-egg hunting for grownups, I guess. This guy from Wisconsin Whitetails takes an AMAZIN’ 5-mile walk and -bang!- finds antler gold. Wide Open Spaces broke down the video:

> …first picking up a giant 6-point side. That big old shed would make anyone’s day. …day gets even better when he locates the long-lost remains of the buck it belonged to, a 13-pointer scoring nearly 180″.

> As much as it stinks to find a deadhead buck, finding one like this is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

> …some amazing luck to find one of the buck’s old sides before finding the deer himself.

Can say that again! Guess what he had for breakfast:

Okay we made that up…lol!

Guy gets vid of TWO albino deer!?!

Y’all know seeing 1 albino deer in a lifetime is pretty rare, but John Collier of suburban St. Louis, MO saw 2…on 1 short walk in the woods. Check out the whole vid here:

It’s alive! Watch a fawn kick in the belly of a doe.

That time o’ year — does in my area (TX) are ready to pop! Check out this freaky video from Big Buck Registry of a fawn kicking inside his/her mama:

Guess they didn’t stick around for more…maybe cuz it coulda been an Alien?

Lol! Kind of great to see during these days that life DOES go on.


1. AK: Tribes want emergency hunting permits during pandemic.

> …have started to become concerned about interruptions to the supply chain, and what that might mean for the availability of groceries.

2. MN folks urged to buy hunt/fish licenses.

To support the state DNR, which like all DNRs depends mostly on license sales:

> If hunters and anglers don’t buy licenses, whether it’s because of tight budgets or uncertainty over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, funding for crucial fish and wildlife programs will suffer.

Also, shooting ranges are back open now.

3. NM: Hunters donate venison to Navajo community…

…that’s been hit hard by Covid:

> The game meat included elk, deer, ibex, oryx, black bear, javelina, turkey, pheasant, doves, ducks, geese trout and salmon….


4. Bass Pro Shops’ Johnny Morris donates 1 million masks.

> To distribute the masks, Morris is partnering once again with Convoy of Hope, a Springfield, MO faith-based and non-profit humanitarian group that he has worked with for more than 20 years.

5. Roxor Offroad jumps into Covid fight.

> The company will re-tool manufacturing operations to produce an easy-to-use aspiration box and face shields and masks for local frontline health care workers and first responders.

6. WV deer harvest down.

> The total whitetail deer harvest for 2019 was 99,437. This is a 9% decrease from the 108,856 total harvest in 2018. The last time the statewide total deer harvest was below 100,000 animals was back in 1985…more than 30 years ago.

7. MT non-rez deer draw tag results are in.

> To view drawing results…go to MyFWP and click on “Lookup Draw Results, Register for Lists” tab, or login to your MyFWP account.

8. WI DNR wants your input on deer seasons.

9. WY 2020 hunting seasons are out.

10. TN reminder: Tag before you drag.

Using your phone or a license tag.

11. SC: Deer culls with night shooting/suppressed rifles okayed…

…for big cull on Kiawah Island.

12. TX: Missing hunter’s boat found at the bottom of a lake.

Please pray for Ryan and his family:

> …hunting at Lake Meredith and called his family to tell them he had killed a deer and was breaking camp and coming home. When he never appeared at home, his family called the National Park Service and reported him missing.

13. OK: Longest-serving game commissioner retiring.

Longest in the US, 44 years — John Groendyke of Enid, OK. Can’t link it, at

14. “The Deer Hunter” gets a 4K Collector’s Edition.

If you haven’t seen this ’78 classic, jump on Netflix and get on it:

> Winner of 5 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, “The Deer Hunter” follows a group of PA steelworkers from their blue-collar lives, hunting in the woods of the Alleghenies, to the hell of Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.

15. Buck’s having another sale.

This kinda stuff:

Headline of the Week

Find toilet-paper substitutes in your own backyard

AHEAD of time…lol!

Deer Disease News

> Current regulations prohibit the possession and use of untested deer urine products in LA. This amendment would also ban the sale of untested deer urine products in LA [to protect CWD spread].

> The deer tag reductions are due to fewer mule deer being observed during fall surveys. Wildlife biologists believe ongoing [EHD] outbreaks in central and eastern Oregon are the main cause of the decline.

New Stuff

1. PSE Warhammer x-bow is out.

400 fps, just over 6″ axle-to-axle, and American-made. MSRP about $1,500:

2. Kryptek camo has social-distancing facemasks.

> Each mask includes a three-stage replaceable filter cartridge and filter refills are also available.

Gear of the Week

Prime Black 1 Bow.

Brodie Swisher at got some range time with Prime Archery’s new “Black” series of bows. Prime’s strength has always been an exceptionally balanced bow, and they’ve apparently done that (and more) with the Black 1:

> With just 1 finger under the grip, I balanced the Prime Black 1 bow across my index finger for a demo of how balanced it is from top to bottom. It’s obviously built for balance. You’ll recognize that really quick.

> Prime continues to find its place among the best of the best in innovation for 2020 with the design of their new Roto Cam 5-track parallel cam system. The cam system delivers adjustability like nothing we’ve seen before on a parallel cam.

> There’s no flashy fluff or crazy cutouts on this one. Just a solid, beefy riser that’s built tough. It’s built with 82X aluminum to provide a perfect blend of strength and balance, yet still delivering a lightweight package.

> At nearly 3 1/4″ wide, the limb stance on the Black series bows are as wide as anything we’ve seen yet. Wider limbs, and wider limb pockets deliver a more balanced feel and create greater stability throughout the draw cycle.

> The test bow used for this review was a 28″ right-handed bow with the limb bolts bottomed out at 72 lbs.

> All Prime bows are eligible for the Shield program upon registration with the manufacturer. It’s a pretty slick deal that includes free strings and cables for life. That’ll save you a chunk of change in just a few years.

Looks like one of ’em will set you back about a grand, where most premium bows are at right now….

Tip of the Week

Use this time to punch some paper.

How long’s it been since you put 200 rounds through your deer rifle? Prolly a long while. Since nothing beats practice, John Snow from Outdoor Life has this great plan to get in better shooting shape before the season:

> …I’ve witnessed many hunters flub shots or miss opportunities because they weren’t adequately prepared for the moment. Most of the errors can be directly attributed to a lack of trigger time.

> What I’ve sketched out here is a plan to put 200 rounds through your rifle with a series of drills that will polish the skills you need for the field. This is spread over 8 visits to the range, where you’ll shoot about 26 times per session….

> With the first 10 rounds, get the rifle on paper and establish a rough zero. This will also refoul the bore. Next, shoot two 5-shot groups with each brand of ammo. Allow time for the barrel to cool between groups.

> The first shot of the hunt is the most important. Take a target and place 5 1″ dots on it. At the start of each of the next 5 sessions, your first shot will be taken prone at one of the dots.

> Place 2 rows of 5 1″ dots on a target. During each of these sessions, you’ll shoot 10 shots total. Start by shooting the dots in the first row from a prone position using a bipod or other rest.

> During 3 different sessions, shoot 10 shots…from the sitting position. Mix it up by doing the following 5-shot drills: shooting unsupported on paper at 100 yards; with sticks on paper at 100 yards; unsupported on steel at 100-plus yards; off sticks on steel at 100-plus yards.

> Don’t be one of those hunters who can’t shoot off-hand. Load 4 rounds, shoot the rifle dry, then reload 1 round for 5 shots total, preferably on a steel target at 100 yards.

Good post with some good ideas, including shooting from the knee and also with sticks. See you at the range!

Quote of the Week

“To think that some 12 years later that those bloodlines were still in that same basic area was just hard to fathom.”

– Mike Barnabi, editor of the New Philly OH Times-Reporter, talkin’ ’bout these sheds:

One was found in 2007, and the other was found this month. They look like they could have come off the same deer. Stick some trailcams up there….

Shot of the Week

Weird but SUPER cool sheds. Congrats to @born_to_find_horn, the winner of @badlandsgear shed pic contest:

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