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Insane mass rack! 200 class deadhead! State record bow buck

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Today’s Top 5

Deadhead pushing 200″ found in OH!

OH deer hunter Wayne Bolton found a stunner deadhead that, according to the Outdoor Webseries FB page, was pushin’ 200 — always kinda bittersweet but here’s the deal:

> The giant typical buck known as “Tall Boy” disappeared in Nov…Wayne set his sights out on another very nice buck and sealed the deal.

> But Wayne needed closure and after a short walk to look for sheds found “Tall Boy.” This world-class typical tapes out very close to 200″. Wayne contacted the OH [DNR] and reported the find. We are unsure of how the buck met his demise.

Lots of speculation about what happened to the deer. Was he wounded and seeking water? Probly too late in the year for EHD…? Got any theories let us know….

Lookit this deer shot in SD!

That MASS tho! @feedthefaithoutdoors says all they know is where it was shot, nothing more. If you know some deets, pls hit us up!

OK bow 16-point typ IS a state record…

…archery buck by a teeny little bit but it IS the record! Props to Guner Womack — a lifelong deer hunter — for the deer he killed in Oct (can’t link it, at

> …officially scored…at the Backwoods Show in Oklahoma City by a panel of 3 game wardens. The bruiser of a buck scored 188 5/8, 1/8″ better than the previous state archery record for a typical whitetail deer.

> …grossed 209 4/8″ and netted 192 6/8″ after deductions when it was first scored last fall. But nothing is official until it is scored again after a mandatory 60-day drying period.

> The top typical buck in OK was taken with a gun by John Ehmer in Tuskahoma County in 2007. It scored 194 0/8.

How cool is this mount!

Really digging the “still packing it out” look:

Ever seen one like that? Not as sure about this’n: with the picks….

Deer advice?? “Feed the homies.”

Can’t make this stuff up — some of the “how to make friends with deer advice” from @BrotherNature, who is supposed to be the “Dr. Dolittle” of the internet — so popular he has a Wikipedia page:

> Feed the homies. When you make a new friend, you know that they’re most likely going to have their own squad. Although they may not trust you at first, toss them some delicious snacks to make them feel comfortable. If you do it right, when your deer’s friend asks them what they thought about you, they’ll probably be like, “He was coo.”

But…seems to be serious?? Amazing if some people buy that junk as normal people-deer stuff.

Disclaimer: Watch out if you click the link (not really worth it lol), cuss words….


1. IA will require public land hunters to ID their stands.

> [A lawmaker] introduced the legislation when he received a call from a constituent who said he showed up in the woods on opening day of deer season and found someone else sitting in his stand. This led to an exchange where the other man initially refused to leave. It is legal in IA for public-land hunters to leave their stands in the woods overnight.

2. NC debating future of deer hunting with dogs.

Public meetings start in 2 weeks, dates and locations at the link ^.

3. CO: New tag draw rules this season.

A few but here’s one:

> Most elk, deer, pronghorn and bear licenses not issued through the primary draw will now be made available in a secondary draw that is open to anyone, whether they applied for the primary draw or not.

4. MN deer maybe facing die-offs from deep snow.

> Deer have been struggling through snow 2′ and even 3′ deep most of the winter in northeastern MN, expending critical energy stored in their bodies. Now that energy is running out before winter has ended, and it’s likely more deer will die as winter drags on….

5. PA: Are blinds becoming more popular?

Can see this guy’s point, but sometimes it’s real nice to have a little more room and stay out of the weather. What do y’all think?

> I’ve sat in shooting houses only a very few times over the past 30 years. Always it was to escape rain. To me, it’s just not the same as standing on a platform strapped to the side of a tree, 25′ in the air. Sitting in an elevated blind, I always felt detached from the environment. I understand the value of such blinds when introducing kids to hunting. But then again, I don’t understand it.

6. MO politician sparring with the MDC over funding.

Kind of a head-scratcher? MO Rep Robert Ross proposed a budget amendment that seems to hamstring MO’s Share the Harvest program and Operation Game Thief. One commenter called it a temper tantrum….

7. MO/KS: Biologist says now’s a good time to hunt sheds.


> …if you find a so-called “deadhead,” antlers still attached to a deer skull, you’ll need to reach out to a local conservation officer to prove the animal wasn’t poached for its antlers.

8. IN: Can GPS collars choke a deer to death?

No for-sure conclusion (can’t link it, at

> Recently a dead deer was found…with blood on its neck where it had apparently tried to get the collar off and failed.

>”It seems like what was happening with these is that elastic that allows it to expand may have dried out. Something happened where it stopped operating properly.”

9. QDMA’s Brian Murphy no longer CEO.

Moving to part-time to new strategic partnerships role.

10. New P&Y directors announced.

11. UT: Man charged with FELONY over poached muley.

> A buck whose antler spread measures 24″ or more makes it a trophy and illegally killing one a felony-level offense. It calls for a minimum restitution of $8,000. Lebaron’s deer measured 24.5″. Had it been under 24″, it would have been a Class A misdemeanor and the restitution would have been a minimum of $400.

12. “European SHOT Show” postponed due to coronavirus.Moved to next fall. Lots of new products typically get announced there that weren’t announced at Jan’s US SHOT Show…be interesting to see how companies announce stuff without trade show support….

Meanwhile in Europe some folks want the lynx reintroduced to Scotland, partly to help control red deer populations.

13. PSA: Beware of hydatid disease.

Can cause nasty cysts if ingested — wash yer hands, good to do anyhow:

> Hydatid disease, caused by the dog tapeworm Echinococcus granulosus, and the fox tapeworm E. multiloccularis, is not prevalent in all of whitetail country. However, deer hunters who travel to areas where this disease exists in order to hunt deer, elk, moose or caribou, should be aware of its dangers.

Deer Disease News

> …65 CWD-positive deer were identified from the 2019 hunting seasons — and all were from counties with a known CWD presence.

Article also sez that in 2018, 25% of all deer tested in the US for CWD were harvested in MI.

> In the past 10 years, 88 CWD-positive deer have been confirmed….

> Officials have taken immediate action to secure all cervids at the Kimble County deer breeding facility with plans to conduct additional investigation for CWD. In addition, those breeding facilities that have received deer from the Kimble County facility or shipped deer to that facility during the last 5 years are under movement restrictions and cannot move or release cervids at this time.

New Stuff

1. SIG Elite Hunter Tipped ammo.

> The key component is its polymer-tipped bullet — a first from SIG — whose sharp ogive and sleek boattail profile translate to increased ballistic coefficients. The practical advantages downrange include flat trajectory, ability to buck the wind and high retained energy.

2. Hawke Optics new scopes.

> With both the 4-16×50 Vantage 30 WA FFP and 6-24×50 Vantage 30 WA FFP scopes, the First Focal Plane Half Mil-Dot reticle increases in size as you increase the magnification. At the lowest setting, the reticle works similarly to a red-dot scope for shooting.

3. German Precision Optics drops 2 new scopes.

> Featuring a 30 mm tube, the proprietary GPObright high-transmission lens coating technology, PASSIONdrop hydrophobic exterior lens coatings and a double HD glass objective lens, the new 1-5x24i and 3.5-18x56i riflescopes provide hunters with enhanced clarity, exceptional brightness and true color from dawn to dusk.

4. Big and J “Legit” spring minerals for your herd.

> Hunters and land managers should start using Legit in early March when bucks begin growing their antlers and does are preparing their bodies nutritionally to give birth to fawns in the coming spring.

5. Camo-up your Apple watch??

Looks like it may actually protect your shiny investment a little bit?

Gear of the Week

Looking for a new treestand? has a good roundup of new treestands that seem to be stable, lightweight (a couple REAL light) and affordable. Check out the YT video or check the post for the top brands. Here’s a few that caught our eye:

> Lone Wolf D’Acquisto Series Hang-On 2.0 — Compared to the original D’Acquisto Series hang on, this one is a little smaller in almost every way. The seat is a little shorter and a little more narrow than before, and the platform is a little smaller as well at 17″ wide by 24″ long [5.5 lbs].

> Tethrd Phantom Tree Saddle — This saddle weighs in at just over 1 lb. Combine that with the Predator platform, which weighs a little over 3 lbs, and you’ve got a weight of less than 5 lbs, not including ropes and carabiners.

> Trophy Treestands Freedom Hybrid — The platform of the stand covers 180 degrees around the tree so that you can flip the seat out of the way, and take a shot in any direction. Their new draw tight cable system allows you to secure the stand to the tree before climbing up the ladder.

> River’s Edge Lock Down — This single person ladder stand from River’s Edge, has a new ratcheting safety system so you can strap the stand to the tree before ever leaving the ground. The ladder consists of octagonal tubing, and an extra 3rd rail.

Tip of the Week

Good x-bow storage tips…

…from the folks at TenPoint — here’s a couple worth remembering before you put up your arrow rifle:

> Cleaning it: Using water only is critical because cleaning agents or solvents may react with the hydro-dipped camouflage coating on the stock or limbs and cause it to flake or peel – something that is not covered under the warranty….

> Performing a final check before storing your crossbow will ensure that all parts are tight and secure and that your crossbow will be ready-to-go when you take it out in the spring or summer to begin using it again.

> Apply oil to the trigger mechanism, Dry-Fire-Inhibitor (DFI), axles, and cam bearings.

> If your crossbow has exposed strands of the string or cables that are not served, then a coating of bowstring wax should be applied to the exposed strands.

> Flight rail: Dirt and debris can collect on top of the flight rail or down inside the flight groove after a season of hunting. Using a cotton towel and water, wipe the top surface of the flight rail from the nose of the trigger box all the way down to the front of the bow, removing any dirt or excess flight rail lubricant that may remain.

> If your crossbow has an aluminum barrel with cut-outs, check inside the barrel to see if any debris has collected there….might find it helpful to use a flashlight…use pressurized air to blow out any pieces of debris that you find.

Quote of the Week

“People can do better than just adding cream of mushroom soup.”

– Lol! Starla Batzko, WI hunter and wild-game cook, talkin’ ’bout you know what!

Pretty sure all of us have a buddy who ALWAYS uses a go-to recipe that has a gloppy can of Campbell’s c-o-m. Yep, can taste good but Starla is adamant there’s so much more that can be done with the world’s best meat!

Shot of the Week

Lol! Great shot from @WildGameFreaks — wonder if that dude truly didn’t see or hear that deer?

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