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Massive blackpowder buck, Guy shoots swimming deer, Watch antlers grow

Today’s Top 5

Massive NE blackpowder buck! with the deets — sounds like the bottom line is, make sure you pick up any penny you see:

> NE deer hunter Tyler Collier had to stop by a convenience store midday on Dec 5…stumble upon a single penny laying heads-up. “I hoped it was a sign that the afternoon hunt would end with the buck I’d been hunting for the previous few days.”

> “…I had fairly high hopes that the buck would come to the field to feed…it wasn’t until the final 15 minutes of shooting light that the buck appeared about 300 yards away and began working my way.

> At 130 yards away the buck was well within muzzleloader range, so Collier leveled the crosshairs just behind the brute’s shoulder. “The deer went down about 30 yards from where he’d been standing…. I was so excited, and my heart was pumping away.”

> The Collier buck features incredible character — split G2s, a split brow tine and “flyer” points on both G2s.

Look at the MASS on that big boy, whoa!

Will a spear-thrower be legal for deer??

Would you hunt with this?? It’s a prehistoric weapon called an “atlatl” — last seen being used by this guy:

Why would you want to use that?? Guess some people in IA would:

> Senators took up a bill this week that would let people use what’s essentially a spear-thrower to hunt deer in IA.

> It’s called an atlatl. The preferred pronunciation from hunters who’ve posted videos about the weapon online seems to be at-LAT-ul. Archaeologists believe the atlatl was first used in North America about 13,000 years ago.

> According to the World Atlatl Association [THAT’S A THING??], atlatls are one of humankind’s first mechanical inventions. The atlatl is “essentially a stick with a handle on one end.” There’s a socket at the other. The spear is placed in that socket and “the flipping motion of the atlatl propels the spear much faster and farther than it could be thrown by hand alone.”

But is it faster than a slingshot? Lol serious Q: If a rifle big buck taken is a Boone & Crockett, and an archery buck is a Pope & Young, is an atlatl buck a…Fred & Barney??

“I do believe that it is not a matter of if, but when, CWD crosses to humans.” 

Whoa. That’s a HUGE statement, made by Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the U of MN. Also in that post:

> CWD, caused by mutated proteins called prions, already has crossed species to macaque monkeys that were fed infected meat in laboratory tests.

So we’re thinking…maybe don’t FORCE the cross-species transfer??

Watch whitetail antlers grow.  

Sorta. Videos. Here’s Doc…

…and here’s Meatball:

Videos from the MSU Deer Lab. Thx to for the heads up….


Know you wouldn’t, but you’re not gonna believe this:

> Two sets of anglers were in the middle of a fishing tournament when they witnessed…a swimming buck chasing some does across Lake Mitchell.

> The angler videoed the scene…when all of a sudden shots were fired in the direction of the buck. Hysteria ensued.

Here’s a screen cap of the shot hitting the water — the shot seemed to be fired across the water, from one bank to the other. Crazy!

Guess the person who fired wasn’t caught? Wow.


1. New analysis says no harm from X-bows…

…and about the same effectiveness as compounds. Interesting look at the impact of crossbows by Patrick Durkin using DNR data from central and eastern states that have relaxed crossbow hunting regs over the last decade:

> …thus far found no harmful impacts on deer herds, and most find the crossbow’s effectiveness differs little from compounds when used for hunting.

> [An OH study found] the average shooting distance for compound hits was 22.6 yards, and the average miss was 31.6 yards. The average shooting distance for crossbow hits was 22.4 yards, and the average miss was 31.1 yards.

> A 2008 study of bowhunters [in MD] reported little difference in wounding rates between compound and crossbow shooters. [Wow!]

> States generally find that crossbows help retain bowhunters, especially those who would otherwise drop out as they grow older.

2. NV: More new gear goodness from SHOT.

The guys over at have a huge SHOT Show roundup of just about everything. If you can’t find something you want in this list, you need to take up golf! This Hi-Point 1095TS in 10mm is pretty cool:

3. Are hipster millennials the future of deer hunting?

Maybe not the future but:

> More millennials are exchanging their Kombucha for crossbows and concealing their man-buns under camouflage caps to take up one of the oldest pastimes known to man — hunting.

> Last month, Field to Fork, which operates in 8 states, held an event aimed at those new to hunting. The newbies were paired with mentors and trained to use crossbows before being taken out to hunt in places a little closer to civilization for their first time.

> “Earthy crunchy aligns very well with deer hunting.”

Some of these folks might have built-in ghillie suit camo:

4. IL: Deer hunting = fewer car wrecks.

> From 2008 to 2016, deer-related crashes have declined in Champaign and Vermilion counties by more than 50%.

> IL uses deer-related crashes as a barometer to measure deer population trends. A 2008 task force called for 14%…with the statewide goal reached in 2012.

5. How deer can survive the polar vortex.

It’s keeping a lot of us indoors, here’s how the deer get by. Nothing real insightful here, just in case you’re wondering:

> …winter [coat], which consists of thicker, longer, and darker hairs…while also growing in a much thicker undercoat. This winter coat absorbs more sunlight and traps more body heat.

> …their bodies also begin to retain more fat…. They are generally less active, sometimes dropping their metabolism by half, which allows them to save energy and eat less.

> …in brutal conditions deer gravitate to stands of thick spruce, pine and other conifer trees, which provide thermal cover from wind and snow.

6. Germany: New stag-calling winner.

Yep not whitetail hunting, but interesting and hilarious!

> The title of Germany’s Deer Caller Champion was snatched by 54-year-old Thomas Soltwedel…at Europe’s biggest hunting fair “Jagd & Hund” (“Hunting & Dogs”) in Dortmund.

> Hunters often use this technique to lure their prey, but a poorly executed call can prompt deer to notice the hunter’s presence and bolt. [Uh…yep.]

The show also had weapons, hunting gear, dogs (of course) and…birds of prey.

Tip of the Week

Deer can see way better than you think.

We all obsess over the whitetail’s scenting and hearing, but not near enough about their eyesight. Dan Schmidt at Deer and Deer Hunting reminds us to pay attention to it. One of our favorite lines from the video:

> Does camouflage matter? Yes camouflage matters, but what matters more is how you’re tucked into that environment.

Quote of the Week

“Mom, if you can hear me, I am asking you to send that deer out.”

– Florence, MS hunter Justin Brown talkin’, just before he got a trophy buck. Here’s the story:

> When…harvested a trophy buck earlier this month, he broke down and cried. It wasn’t because the buck scored 147″, it was because he felt his late mother’s presence.

> “Before I left my truck I said a prayer. ‘Mom, you know how much I love hunting and this deer is probably the biggest I would take if I got the chance, so if you can hear me and it’s God’s will, please send the deer to me today.'”

> His mother…passed away 2 years ago due to a heart condition. “Me and my mom were extremely close.”

> “Well, it was nearing dark and I was sure he was just nocturnal and wasn’t (going to) show and one more time I said, ‘Mom, if you can hear me, I am asking you to please send that deer out.’

> “Almost on cue I heard a deer walking in the woods and he stepped out…. It was as if my mom was telling me, ‘There he is.’ I eased the [shoot house] window open and got my rifle out the window and took the shot.” The deer dropped on the spot.

> “I was bawling like a child. I’ve never done that. No deer will ever mean to me what that deer means to me.”

Shot of the Week

Eeeeeeew! Real or photoshop? And if you saw it, would you run??

Either way this is for sure NOT Photoshop:

lol #squelk

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